What Does A Skin Toner Do


What Does A Skin Toner Do

Hello girlies,

Hope you all are doing well! The weather is so utterly beautiful, yet so humid in Delhi. And weather like this always makes me all the more conscious towards by skin care regimen.

No, I do not mean that you can be inconsiderate towards your skin for the rest of the year, but what I mean to say is that your skin needs that extra attention during the monsoon months, as the skin tens to get a lot more oily, sticky, and let’s not even talk about the dirt and grime which sticks on to the sticky surface in this humid weather. Reason enough to care for your skin a little more intensively?

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Read along.

What is a skin-toner?

Skin toners or just simply Toners, have been undeniably been under critical speculation till times immemorial. Why, because people, even dermatologists and makeup SA’s, sometimes tend to confuse between toners (which are good, really good for your skin) and astringents and fresheners (which are say, not so good for your skin, they dry the skin out). This confusion has lead to people straying away from the utter goodness of a well-formulated skin toner.

Toners can be a boon if chosen in the correct formulation suiting your skin type. But, whatever may be your skin type, stray clear from alcohol or witch-hazel based skin toners which, without fail, dry out the skin; and avoid any toner with extravagant fragrances, whether synthetic or natural, as such kind of toners do nothing but act as a skin-irritating, eau-de-cologne for your face.

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How to use a skin toner?

The first thing to remember before learning to use a toner is that, you need to use toners only after you have cleansed your skin. Now, taking a generous dosage of your favorite skin toner on a cotton pad or ball, sweep it all across your face in a gentle manner. Focus more upon your problem areas, which are generally the t-zone and the sides of your nose. Apply it to the cheeks too, but with the slightest touch of the hands.

What can a skin toner do for your skin?

Here on wiseshe, we have always been emphasizing upon the necessity of a strict cleansing-toning-moisturizing skin care regime, and so why not make you aware of what the middle step Toning can actually do for you.

  • Removes any traces of the residual dirt and grime

There are certain times when our skins feel overtly oily even after having cleansed them thoroughly, this happens the most during the sticky monsoon weather. Situations like these call for the secret skin care step known as toning. A healthy swipe of a well-suited toner can instantly make your skin feel all the more clearer and fresher as what it does is, it eradicates even the slightest residues of dirt and grime which may have stuck to the face after cleansing.

  • Helps maintain the pH balance of your skin

Be what may, some of us still are practicing the bad, like really bad, habit of cleaning our soft facial skins with harsh soap bars, which for one, were formulated to treat the more stubborn skin on our body. Women like this do not realize that soap bars can mess up with their skin’s pH brutally and to bring back their skin pH to normal, using a toner is a must. Traditionally toners are for the sole purpose of maintaining the skin’s pH balance only.

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  • Helps tighten up your pores

The one evident result you get every time you take out the time to indulge in a toning regimen is the tightness in your pores. Your skin looks undeniably firmer and more elastic if your pores are closed, plus toners, by tightening your pores also create a sort-of protective layer on your skin. This is no hi-fi science, when your pores are closed, your skin is automatically protected against any kind of dirt or impurities which may have entered the skin had the pores been open.

  • Keeps the shine in check but also moisturizes

During hot and humid months, the only moisturizer oily skinned beauties require is a humectants infused skin toner. What a humectants fused toner does, is it keeps the skin moisturized and also keeps the oily shine on your skin at bay. I told you, toners could be a savior.

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  • Prevents the growth of in-grown facial hair

Some toners are specially formulated to be infused with the goodness of glycolic acid and such awesome stuff. Some toners also contain alpha hydroxyl acids which are a boon when it comes to treating ingrown hair in a gentle way. So you say, you got a toner with the goodness of both? Go grab it girl, before someone else does.

Which skin toner do you use?

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  1. Really informative post. Great job Ishleen. You are right about the alcohol in the toners. We should stay away from them. But so many good herbal toner also uses alcohol….its really sad.

  2. Well written post could hav also added toners which do not contain Alcohol that would be even more helpful …plz do suggest me a toner I do hav oily skin.

    • Hi Deena,

      You can use Maxatone Clarifying Toner from solvaderm skincare brand. It does not contain Alcohol and also helpful for oily skin.It is a daily purifying facial toner that removes skin-dulling impurities without harsh or drying ingredients.


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