What Does Ylang Ylang Smell Like


What Does Ylang Ylang Smell Like

Pronounced as Ee-Lang Ee-Lang, this blossom has created one of the most confusing questions of era. What does it smell like?

Ylang Ylang is one beautiful flower which has a million types of fragrances. Different people experience different smells from it. To obtain 1 kg of essential oil, about 60 kg of flowers need to get crashed. And thus the essential Oil made out of it is among the most divine fragrance oil with enriching qualities.

So what basically is the smell of Ylang Ylang?

Some people say it smells sweetwhat does ylang ylang smell like Floral, some says it has very sensuous and romantic smell that could turn up any lazy person. Some says it gives an earthy wooden feel.

So I finally thought of savings some bucks and buying this oil and judging on my own why it so confusing to get its type of smell. WHHATTT IS ITTT..???

When I sniffed it, it instantly became one of my favorite scents. Oh my God, I felt like Goddess. I wished to use it all over my body. But I realized the same time that overdose can kill me as it has extremely powerful range to spread. But trust me, now I am the biggest fan of its fragrances.

One of my friends, who loves spending on perfumes, said that this flower’s smell is used in many perfumes. Even Chanel uses it in one of their range. She said that it has one of the very unique narcotic smells. It is a perfect fragrance for Ladies.

According to my other friend, he found the Ylang Ylang smell as of wet hair. With my little efforts I found that there are about hundred of new fragrances Ylang Ylang can form by mixing with other fragrances.

One of the most popular mixtures is Bergamot with Ylang Ylang. This combination is loved and suggested by many users and has also been known as the most classic combination of fragrance.For amazing and heavenly fragrance, one can mix Orange Blossom, Sandalwood, rosewood and Tulips.

Benefits of Ylang Ylang

If we talk about the benefits of this flower, you will be amazed to know that this flower is quite good for skin as well. Also, if the oil made out of Ylang Ylang flowers is mixed with facial creams, it relaxes the face muscles and also helps in giving an instant glow to it.

Mixing this oil with raw milk and rubbing, removes tanning and helps in making skin fairer.

For hair, adding few drops of this oil in shampoo can give you shiny hair and your hair will smell delicious all day long.

Other benefits of this Ylang Ylang Flower are that it helps to keep you calm. Just a little fragrance and you will start feeling relaxed and calm.

Note: For people who get anxious and stressed easily, it gives an instant relief. Don’t make a habit of smelling this at stress time as the person can get addict.

So Ladies, discover a psychedelic smell by using it and mixing with other fragrances and turn heads wherever you go!

Did you know What Does Ylang Ylang Smell Like?

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