What It Is Like To Be A Merchant Navy Officer’s Wife?


What It Is Like To Be A Merchant Navy Officer’s Wife?

A question, I am asked most of the time from acquaintances, long lost relatives & new people! πŸ™‚ Well, I happily oblige them with utmost pride. Also, it takes a lot of strength to be away from the only person in the whole wide world whom you chose to spend your life with. So What It Is Like To Be A Merchant Navy Officer’s Wife?

life of navy officer wife

Its not something a couple living together will ever understand! Nor do I expect anyone to understand or anything but just because, he doesn’t live with me, that doesn’t make me a poor little thing! I have my own life back home& few priorities as well.

merchant navy vessel

With Whom I live?

Basically, one thing I always get to hear around is that I have to live with “His” parents! Come on! I can live anywhere I wish to, along with my husband, but if I chose to live with his parents/ family what is the big deal? It is not something which is forced on me! Last year itself, I had to leave home for a good one year for study purpose, without any parent. Living with his family is more of a Choice than a liability!!

I am sure every girl, after getting married, goes through a lot of life changes! So how come a navy officer wife all of a sudden changes to someone you should feel sorry for as she doesn’t live with her husband?? Seriously!! I miss him every day but that doesn’t mean I am making compromises or adjustments every hour of the day! I chose to marry him much before he went on the First Sailing and I knew what I was getting into! So, yes I am really happy with the way I live.

merchant navy life

I am madly in love with my Mariner and that is what makes it going even if the thousands of miles separates us! I am really strong in handling the distance so my extended family feels proud of me for not being a “cry baby” while blood relations doubt me to be in distress when he is not around & sometimes show their concern in such funny ways that I really laugh it out!

navy life

The Time Together!

Being a Navy Officer’s spouse has its own charm. You get to spend so many holidays together without any work related worry. It is like a paid holiday extending to 4-5months. You can use the time to travel a lot, chill around like crazy lazy people. Yes we do not fit in the typical “Monday to Friday” corporate life frame but who cares!! Everyday is a weekend & months feel like long due vacation for all of us when the sailor is back home for holidays!

Sometimes we get Christmas & New Year while other times we get our birthdays and anniversaries! We cherish all of that which comes in front of us! This year itself I celebrated my Seventh Anniversary & now looking forward to Holi madness next year! πŸ™‚

I get to keep myself occupied with whatever I like, I worked, took a break went on to study something, came back, figured out more of what I can be, now working again and maybe I will be exploring the sea same time next year! Who knows! πŸ™‚

life of navy officers wife

The Decisive One!

Whether he sails or not I am the one handling finances, taking decisions for all of us! I go out with friends & family, enjoy get-together, do lots of shopping, plan our next holiday, workout daily, give time to my hobbies, read fiction, do video chats & send texts just as we used to do during our courtship days! πŸ™‚

When the sailor is back he pampers me crazy & everyday is like a row of festivals which he skipped celebrating! Cooking together, partying, travelling or just lazying around, we do it all minus the work pressure! So, yes its a win win for me! πŸ™‚

Since, we are still a couple I cannot say much about the parenting part but one thing I know that yes parenting will surely be a little challenging but I am not someone to worry about the future. I live in the present and make the most of it! πŸ™‚

rough seas navy vessel

Yes, there is a constant fear of life as the seas are rough and you can do nothing about it but why think the worst! It is certainly not a faint heart person can handle!

what it is like to be a navy officer wife

One thing I would never ever like to change about my life would be my husband’s Navy uniform! I will never trade it with anything else. It fills me with immense pride when he wears it on board the ship on days like Independence Day/ Republic Day!

Being a Navy Wife doesn’t come easy but yes it is Worth it! πŸ™‚


  1. I have three friends ho are mariners and they have a very important part in my life…I met them in 2009 and out of three two I still didnt see and the third I met him last year for jyst 5 mins when my train was crossing his station….they are wonderful…they have thought me that its an individual…who is good or bad…not the profession or situation…they taught me how to trust…how to live life…

    • Yes Sakhi..living life in present is what my husband taught me!
      I am glad u have great friends in navy Ò˜º totally agree with what you have said…

  2. To me , this is super exciting and while reading your post I felt the same …

    my frnd here have the fear of “SEA/WATER” and thats why , never been on board with her hubby who is in Navy and do regret …

    hope she overcomes the fear one day πŸ˜€ D:

    you both look lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy in one frame

  3. Such a beautiful post…And i know how you take care of his father like yours..He takes your insta pic and i think it all depends upon how you take this life..half full or half empty πŸ™‚

    God bless you both <3

  4. It was lovely getting to know a bit more about u Ira. πŸ™‚ True love can keep us going even if everything else around fails us. Very nicely penned post n beautiful pics :inlove:

  5. Very good to know about both of you . I am a Merchant Navy Officer myself so I can relate to your experiences. The only thing different is I couldn’t find a girl ready to marry me because of my job.

    But it was a very interesting article. My regards to Sir and you Mam..

  6. Hello Ira.. I was glad to read your blog this morning. I am taking a similar step in my life with a Mariner and I know what I am getting into. However, there are a lot of questions and concerns I do have which we are trying to figure out. I will love to connect with you personally. Yet thanks for motivating me!!

  7. Hi,

    I came to read this article as a random googling process but the Post is super cool,I would love to marry a marriner now.keep inspiring ira have a blast this year.Happy new year!!


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