What is Mineral Makeup?


What is Mineral Makeup?

Mineral makeup is very difficult to understand. In layman’s language, anything with no or less chemicals is mineral makeup. The one that is constituted of iron oxides, talc, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide. And when all these minerals are micronized, or milled, into tiny particles is called mineral makeup. Phew! That was quite technical. In short, mineral makeup is not about anything all natural. It is in fact, made up of these chemicals as I mentioned above.

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So, how is it different from traditional makeup, is that it does not contain the emollient oils and waxes, fragrance, and preservative ingredients. So mostly all makeup that we purchase is mineral makeup. The difference thus lies in the ingredients that mineral makeup does not include. We, must be mindful while purchasing the mineral products as it must not have any derivatives of glycerin, paraben or alcohol. Because it then obviously is not mineral at any cost.

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Longer Staying Power

It is claimed that the mineral makeup makes for many a problems and resolves them. While, it is not truly correct, it is somewhat fact full. In the sense that, mineral makeup has zinc in it which makes it good on irritations and harsh effects of makeup.  Thus, what would be fair to say is that it does not cure irritations completely. But it does prevent it from happening and that is with its usage. It does not work as a medicine for any use of makeup.  It is just not aggravating it any further.

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So why should we use mineral makeup? Well, the fact is that mineral makeup offers some additional benefits compared to traditional makeup which makes them a little better than the normal makeup. Like, for example, mineral makeup has ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which offer some bit of sun protection which is otherwise, not available in traditional makeup. So, if you are going somewhere in some bit of hurry, you need not worry about putting your sunblock cream. Not to forget, however, that it is just for a few hours that this makeup sunblock is successful. It might not work for longer sunny days.


So, the mainstay is that while these products are not entirely solutions to all skin troubles, they are definitely a plus to maintain your skin. These are better and safer products which may just save your skin from some bit of trouble.

Prevents Acne

Also, this mineral makeup does not take away the need for a moisturizer or sunscreen before you begin your day, but it adds some useful minerals to your palette that keep additional problems like acne at bay. Do be mindful that these do not cure any skin trouble but add less to your problems while you use them.

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These products are marketed as minerals enriched or with minerals but we still need to be cautious of knowing which product to use and when. If we are not sure about all ingredients used in the product, we must ensure we gather knowledge about it and then purchase or use it. Just reading mineral over a product also does not solve any issue as such. We must exactly know what products should and should not be included. For your reference, I have included the list of products that make for a mineral makeup, do make use of it next time you go to purchase something.

Have you tried any mineral makeup product?

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