What Is My Face Shape – How To Determine Face Shape


By Prerana Sharma,

Determine your face shape by simple measurements

 Hey girls,
Have you ever checked your face shape? Before you go for a good hairstyle, knowing your face shape is very important you know. It helps selecting the right hairstyle which rightly suits your face. Many celebrity hairstyles which we often feel tempted to copy, may not just suit our face! It is simply because the shape of your face doesn’t compliment a particular hair style. So, how to find out what’s your face shape? It has a simple formula based on measurements which you yourself can find out and decide your hairstyle accordingly.
Follow these steps:

Stand in front of a big mirror with a tape. You have to take 4 measurements with this tape and note it down.

what is my face shape

1. Length of one cheekbone to other cheekbone: Place the tape on your cheekbone Starting from the outer corner of one eye, to other eye. Note down the length “A”.

2. Jawline: Place the tape below your ear and measure the length along jawline till middle of your chin. Double this length by multiplying it by 2 so that you get total jawline length “B”.

3. Forehead: Place the tape on the widest portion of your forehead. Run the tape to the opposite point and note the measurement “C”.

4. Total face length: sorry there is a mistake in picture above (my self drawn picture). The measurement should start from the mid of your hairline, following nose bridge, to the tip of your chin, note the length “D”.

Results: 1. You have Oval face if D (face length) = 1 ½ times A (breadth of face)

Oval Face Shape

Oval face shape

2.You have Round face if D = A approx

Round Face Shape

Round Face

3.You have Square face if D is as much as A but the difference of square face from round face is that it has a more angular shape in comparison to round face.

Square Face Shape

Square Face

4.You have Triangular face if Jawline is prominen approx t but cheekbone and  templeis narrow.

Triangular Face Shape

Triangular Face

5.You have rectangular face if the face is angular, and D (face length) is more than A (length of cheekbones)

Rectangular Face Shape

Rectangular Face

6.You have heart shaped face if C (forehead) and A (cheekbone) are wider andjawline (B) is narrow. Just opposite to triangular face..

 Heart Face Shape

Heart shape Face

Diamond shape face shape

There is also a diamond shape face which has narrow forehead, narrow jawline (which is approx equal in length) but broad cheekbones.

Diamond Face Shape

I hope like me you too will feel little more confident about your face shape now

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