What Is My Face Shape?


What Is My Face Shape?

Face shape is something which has been a controversial topic with makeup enthusiasts and stylists as it is the deciding factor which determines the particular type of look that needs to be given to a women so as to focus on her natural features in the best possible ways.

When talking about face shape, several other aspects like the right accessories, makeup hairstyles etc. come to our mind which are equally important in making the looks of a women killer and attractive.

Twisted crown school hairstyle

We have seen so many of the celebrities who have considerably opted for a makeover according to their face shape and have ruled the hearts!

How To Decide Face Shape?

Coming to the more important part of the topic that is how to decide what is the right face shape for a women and how to do makeup, opt for complimenting hairstyles and also how to pair the perfect accessories to make the look overall appealing.

Bridal Hair Styles For Round Faces - HALF UP - HALF DOWN

Okay, so before we go into the several face shapes, here is a quick tip in which one can determine the shape of the face in an easy way.

  • First of all you need to take an measuring tape and measure the face across the top of the cheek bones and write down the measurement correctly.
  • Now next step is to measure the jawline from the widest point to the widest point on the other side. Note down the measurement again!
  • Now take the measuring tape and measure the width of the forehead at the widest point.
  • Lastly, take the measuring tape and measure the tip of your headline to the bottom of the chin and note it down!

Now with these measurements, you can easily compare the face shapes described below and decide for yourself as to which face shape you have!

In general, there are basically four shapes which are commonly observed and we will be talking about these face shapes here.

Oval Face

The best thing about one of the most common face shape is that all types of hairstyles look great on this face shape. The length of the face is one and half times more than the width. The weight loss and weight gain patterns change the appearance of this face shape drastically.

shorthair for oblong face

Round Face

The length and width of the face will be more or less equal and will vary with only with a difference of 1/ or 1/4th of an inch!
emma stone updo hairstyles

Square Face-

The square face has a considerably wide jawline and tends to look broader as compared to the oblong/ oval face shape!
best bob hairstyles

Heart Face

This is quite similar to the square face shape with the only difference being the pointed chin that sets the face shape drastically apart from the conventional geometrical assumption! It is a little rare to find but the beauties with diamond face are worth every envy!
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I hope now you all may find it a little easy to determine the face shape if you still have not come to know about your right face shape! 🙂

Do you know What is your face shape?

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