What Is My Lipstick Color


Chetana asks,

Hey ladies!

How did you find out the perfect lipstick color for yourself ?Did you so some research or you just knew what will suit you ? I am still in search for my perfect lipstick shade but yet to find “the” one


Guerlain Rouge Lipstick in Grenade review+ guerlain grenade lipstick swatch



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  1. I guess Trial & Error is the way to go! Beauty blogs help a great deal too but sometimes body heat changes the original color of the lipstick. So what looks brown on someone with your exact same skin tone may end up looking pink on you depending on your body heat. Also, what looks nice and natural during the day may look washed-out at night. Experiment, experiment, experiment 🙂

  2. i agree with naf…
    someone pls tell me which lipstick is zara sporting in above pic…
    ( i suppose m not wrong in detecting zara’s luscious lips) 😉

  3. I don’t think one shade can be the perfect lipstick. I mean, you can find the perfect red or the perfect orange. But for me, my lipstick shades vary with my mood.

  4. Maybe you should buy a shade from each family, one brown, a pink, a peach , a pink and a red… and see which suits you the most. If you like the brown the most then you can mix a bit of pink or peach in it and see the effect and so on. So if you like the pinky brown on you or the browny peach then you can look for more shades in that sub-family and start googling for ‘pinky brown’ lipstick etc. You can start with budget lipsticks like elle 18 for eperimenting and find your shade.

    Or easier option is, is you are of say medium complexion .. google for articles like ‘top or best or my favouriste lipsticks for medium skin tone’ … the swatches will give you n idea.


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