What Is Scalp Exfoliation – DIY Scalp Exfoliation


What Is Scalp Exfoliation

Hello ladies,
We all know the importance of skin exfoliation, it sloughs off dead skin, unclogs pores, improves circulation..blah..blah… but have we ever thought our scalp too needs exfoliation! After all even that is skin. The usage of so many products shampoos, conditioners, serums etc  causes a lot of build up. Pollution & dust can add to our troubles leading to dandruff, scalp acne & finally hair fall.
So how does Scalp exfoliation help:
1. It helps remove product build up from the scalp & clarifies it.
2. It removes dead cells, pollutants unclogging the hair follicle.
3. Exfoliation also improves blood circulation to the scalp & strengthens roots.
4. It works to reduce dandruff & scalp infections.
5. It also helps reduce hair loss.
Before all the chemical shampoos flooded Indian markets our grandmothers would use amla, reetha, shikakai which were natural cleansers & exfoliants that nourished & strengthened hair. No wonder, thick, long lustrous locks weren’t a rare sight.  Well we cannot go back to those days but can try this alternate.

 Things Required For Scalp Exfoliation:-

1. 1 tablespoons olive oil
2. 2 tablespoons sugar granules
3. Few drops essential oil (optional)
1. In a bowl heat olive oil & add a few drops of essential oil. Don’t add the sugar just yet. Add the sugar only once you are ready for exfoliation or it may dissolve.
2. Apply only the oil first & lightly massage.
3. Part your hair into sections.
4. Now combine the sugar granules with olive oil & apply it to the sections immediately.
5. Gently massage with your finger tips. Apply more if necessary but be very slow & gentle as you scrub. Sugar is a very good exfoliant & since it dissolves it doesn’t create a mess.
6. Shampoo & condition as usual. DONE!
You can follow this routine once or twice a month depending on the amount of styling products you use & the condition of your hair.
P.S: People with sensitive scalp, weak roots, or under treatment for hair problems, please consult your dermatologist before trying this.
1. You may substitute olive oil with your shampoo if you do not have time to oil your hair.
2. You can use other gritty substances to exfoliate, but make sure you rinse it off thoroughly.
3. Few of you may be skeptical that it may lead to hair loss, but that is a myth. If that were true then we would never require threading or bleaching, regular scrubbing would have done the job!

Did you like this method of Scalp Exfoliation ?

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      • Yes Maitri it will suit oily hair, in fact it will help people like me with oily hair get rid of build up & allows scalp to breathe. I do it twice a month & it’s very helpful.

  1. Yes. Pretty easy too.. I often get oxygen therapy which reduces hairfall, dandruff and generate oxygen into roots.. 10 mint bas. but then very lazy to go to parlour :/ 🙁

    Will try this trick in this weekend.

  2. I didnt know about this at all, never ever given a thought abt scalp exfoliation, superb article, am trying this out, this weekend, everything needed is available, well done 🙂

      • Currently using Herbal essence Hello hydration shampoo & conditioner.I keep alternating between olive, sesame & coconut oil(or sometimes mix all three).I trust Anoos herbal henna & herbal hair conditioner packs totally.I do keep using homemade hairpacks too!!

  3. Hey Niharika….

    First of all toh i would like to tell “Neharika” is my daughter’s name too…
    Now, thanx a lot for sharing the post… i m surely gonna try this… it s really a Sasta-sundar-Tikau nuskha… 😀
    Thanks once again…


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