What Is Sleeping Mask/Pack In Skin Care


What Is Sleeping Mask/Pack In Skin Care


Sleeping masks are meant to moisturize your face while you sleep. The term can be misleading as sleeping masks are also those things that are used to cover eyes to block light while sleeping. I will use the term ‘sleeping pack’ here.

sleeping pack in skin care

Sleeping pack is basically a cream that you apply on face before hitting the bed. The process is identical to applying your regular moisturiser or night treatment so that it can make your skin beautiful with regular usage. These packs also claim to brighten skin. These are called sleeping ‘packs’ because you need to wash your face the next morning to reveal better skin.

But do not get scared as they do not sit on skin like regular face packs so your sheets are safe. Sleeping packs are absorbed by skin like normal creams. When you wash your face the next day, your skin will become soft, smooth and radiant.

what are sleeping packs

Sleeping packs are Korean innovation and are gaining popularity of late. These are light and get absorbed by skin in a jiffy. Some sleeping packs are meant for dry skin and others are for oily but the aim is to moisturize your skin and give it shine. And obviously there are packs that may work on every skin type so choose as per your need.


what are sleeping masks

Now you must be wondering about whether you need these beauty products or not. And the answer is that you do not need them but you may use sleeping packs if you want. We all love some extra pampering and luxurious feeling so you can use sleeping packs after your evening cleansing routine. These packs make skin glow though it may not be long-lasting but you may try these for plumpness in your facial skin.

What else do you know about sleeping packs?

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