What Is Tea-Toxing All About?


What Is Tea-Toxing All About?

Teatoxing seems to be the only thing you see on TV or in magazines. If you ask me all around me I am finding women across ages going for those detoxing teas. But do we all know what it is really? I mean as far as I know, people drinking those green and herbal teas for better health. But do they really go healthy or reach their final destination. I did research myself about these teas but did not find any scientific rationale of going for these teas for any reduction in weight.


Let’s see what is publicly available on these tea-toxing processes.

What is a Tea-tox? What does it help for?

It is basically a tea with detoxing capabilities which through teas looks at pumping you up with energy, lose weight and cleanse your body. Also it is said that tea-toxing has similar benefits as detoxing which helps in benefiting your heart, skin, brains and even bones. It is also said to help in keeping stress at bay and also to help maintain weight.

Green Tea Benefits for your Hair and Skin+Green tea antioxidants

This certainly helps in giving a glow to the skin with all the toxic substances flushed out of the system!  With the reduced weight face too looks slimmer and the ageing signs like double chin etc. are naturally eliminated. This makes the tea-toxing program totally worth the time and energy!

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How much does it cost?

There are many ranges of these plans and you can choose per your convenience. These range from INR 5000 to 50000. There are people choosing from 7 days to 30 days plans.

Is it safe?

Now this is a controversial question as people have had mixed reactions. There are people complaining about cramps and diarrhea. And it is said to be due to senna leaves which is a major constituent of these teas.

What is the diet one is supposed to take alongside Tea-toxing?

One is supposed to have normal meals breakfast, lunch and dinner but refrain from coffee, alcohol, meat and junk food. So, what it entails basically is a normal diet with balanced nutrition, exercises and a healthy routine with teas incorporated in-between meals for a better result.

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What are the risks?

Well the biggest risk that has come to be true is the intake of senna leaves which can cause diarrhea, vomiting, headache and dehydration. It is said to have a strong laxative effect which can be a little difficult to handle.

Taking these products for a longer term is said to be destructive as it causes too much of weakness and might not be very good for your health. It can only cause temporary metabolism changes and make you feel a little lighter for some time but it definitely is not a permanent solution to your weight.

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Even for energy, there have been instances when people have gone drowsy in fact after an increased intake of these teas which also proves that the effect is not at all long term and should be only tried for a short-term.


Final Thoughts

Whether true or not, I see some fallacies really and with such incidences being reported as nausea, vomiting etc., I feel, there is a lot more hidden behind these tea-toxing processes and we should always go for it after being sure about the product. Everyone has a body type and losing weight also is totally dependent on a person’s metabolism and body structure. One must not get into this to destroy the existing body functions and we should go for some treatment only if we are sure to go about it. If midway we feel that it is not suiting us, we should stop it immediately.

Have you tried Tea-Toxing before?

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