What is the best moisturiser for dry sensitive skin


By Tiny ,

I have sensitive and extremely dry skin all over my body.Could you please let me know some moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin.

Best Moisturiser for dry sensitive skin


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  1. Hello girl, I have heard read and heard great things about cetaphil moisturiser plz do try that and if u have extremely dry skin on yur body as well then there is nothing better than boy shop body butter.Body butter works well for dry skin although i m not sure how good it is to use them during summer.u can try them in their outlet and then buy.

  2. hi….cetaphil is good bt it doesn’t work well if u hv too dry skin….i m suffering frm dry skin these days n loreal hydrafresh aqua crea is working 4 me.its nt at all greasy…u sud give it a try.thx.

    • i agree with Varshini, yay for garnier body cocoon.
      It is very light yet absorbs well into the skin right away,
      leaving a moisturized soft skin with faint peachy odour
      You can also try body butters but i don’t recommend using them
      on face and they are on a higher end little expensive (for the quantity you get)like Body shop’s or little cheaper like lotus body butter
      i am sure there are plenty other companies too.


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