What It Takes To Get A Clean Hair Look Like Deepika


What It Takes To Get A Clean Hair Look Like Deepika

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Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukone’s wedding reception pictures are all over the internet and I cannot help scrolling the pictures on every other profile. Also Ranveer Singh shared some really amazing pictures on his Instagram handle of his beautiful bride from all the wedding rituals that took over the course of two-day celebration. Although I think Deepika has previously too sported a similar looking hairstyle in many of her appearances before but the way she carried herself in each of the look is always so fresh looking.

deepika clean hair style

Not only Deepika but her contemporary actresses like Anushka, Kangana, Sonam too have time and again opted the clean hair look. Recently, Neha Dhupia too opted for a similar look at her hush-hush wedding.

Well, I never thought the clean hair look can actually look so glam. Well, with the killer jawline and defined features, you can easily opt to wear the trend of the season. The clean hair look might look easy to do but actually requires a lot of care and hair styling!

deepika hair look

So, to achieve a similar looking hair-do as Deepika here are some must do commandments for your hair. Have a look at them below-

deepika hair style

Don’t shampoo hair on the big day

This is one rule which you should seriously follow. Washing your hair on the same day will mean that your hair might not be in its greatest texture or will behave well. And that might take a lot of hair styling products to tame your hair which will eventually result in several hair washes to wash away the products completely. You should ideally wash hair a day before the bog day to avoid unnecessary frizz & excessive use of styling products.

deepika post wedding look

Always get a deep hair conditioning prior to the start of wedding festivities

Well, Deepika has the luxury to have a hair stylist at all times who ensures that her hair and makeup game is always on point but in real life, it is certainly not so smooth. Being a bride is stressful as hell with so many back-end tasks going on which means you might not get ample time in hand to sit through and get your hair pampered just before the wedding day. You need to be ahead of all the hair care routine prior to at least 2 days before the wedding functions start.

A Hot Oil Massage

A Hot oil treatment is a must do thing in your bridal hair care routine so make sure to get it done frequently in the last week of your big day. It will also ensures that your hair remains frizz-free and appear smooth naturally even without any styling.

Get an Argan oil treatment done at a salon for promising effects. It will ensure that your hair remain smooth & soft until the wedding celebrations are over even after the wedding.

A Smoothing Serum

A smoothing serum is a must have product to apply with the hair wash. It will create minimum frizz in hair and create a clean hair look will be much easy. Since the hair spray cannot completely hold your hair if it is stubborn and has fly-aways.

Poker Straight Hair

Prior to getting a clean hair look, make sure to get your hair straight with a hair straightener for maximum effect. One you get your hair straight, it will be quite manageable to create any hair style like a low bun, chignon for the clean hair look like Deepika Padukone.

Hair Spray

A hair spray is something you must have if you wish to have the clean hair look at the end of your wedding function without any mishaps right while you are still happily smiling for the wedding portraits. Get a hair spray with super strong hold to achieve clean hair look.

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Tangle Teezer/ Paddle Brush

A tangle teezer is another must have to achieve the perfect hair which is free from any knots or frizz. It gently reduces any amount of frizz from your hair and makes it appear smooth. A paddle brush too can give you considerably less frizzy hair but the effects with a tangle teezer hair brush is much more desirable.

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