What Lush Products Should I Buy – A Guide To Shopping At LUSH


LUSH is a British all natural, handmade cosmetics company. I am a total sucker for their cleanser and soaps and solid shampoos ! The smell of some products is wow and some, well, not so wow ! But,the smell that greets you when one enters the store transprts me into some other world where I lose all control and keep trying and buying stuff. Although, I must say , I have been buying a lot more LUSH products after reading the reviews on WiseShe. Tulips very thoughtfully compiled into one post here. However, I have had a lot of people come up to me and ask about what products to buy and where to start, as many of us,  me included at one point of time have felt overwhelmed with all the huge chunks of soaps and cleansers and the fresh face masks which are kept on ice!

So , what would be a good beginning to your LUSH journey? I would do some research , have plenty of time in hand as the SA’s at LUSH are super friendly and very eager to help , tell them about your skin type and take their opinions , but make your own decision, as its you who knows your skin the best ! I will tell you all about what to check out and what to miss !

Lush Herbalism reviews

LUSH is famous for their cleansing rolls like Aqua marina, Hebalism, Dark Angels, Fresh Farmacy and coal face and the famous Angels On Bare Skin for the dry skinned gals.. Also another cleansing product that is a boon for dry skinned girks is Ultrabland. I cannot really use it but it is favored by all the dry skinned Lushies I know,

One cult product that an oily skinned gal cant do without in summers, (me included) is Mask Of Magnaminty. I am on my 5 th pot now and have converted a few family members into mint mask fans ! Give the cleansers in Lush a try..They really are worth it.

Fresh Face Masks: I think only Lush has freshly made faces masks that are completely organic and preservative free.Sounds good yeah?These masks need to be kept refrigerated at all times and have a shelf life of abt 3-4 weeks.Love lettuce is my favourite as also is cupcake .I absolutely despise Cosmetic warrior ,but that is just for the smell..egg and garlic never made a good fragrance!


Solid shampoo bars and Massage bars: These bars again are an unique innovation from LUSH. I love using the solid shampoo bars and each bar lasts abt a month and a half acc to the LUSH people. I for one have been using my first solid shampoo: Ultimate Shine for abt 15 days now and I can safely say that its gonna be very difficult to use a drugstore shampoo after this. I love the solid shampoos for the concept and ease when traveling!

The massage bars a big hit with a lot pf people.especially couple.. wink wink! Some of them are pain relieving and some relaxing. Lush has abundant testers in their stores so feel free to try out your products before you decide what suits your needs.


The moisturisers and hair treatments havent found much favour with me. Almost all the moisturisers are very heavily priced and you have be sure about it suiting the skin before u lighten the wallet.They do give samples , but i think a small amount is not enough for one to determine if it suits your skin or not. I know a few people for whom the conditioners have done wonders but the ones I tried made my greasy hair even greasier… I am about to try Jungle conditioner so will update everyone on how it fares!

All in all, for a LUSH newbie i would recommend the cleansers and face masks. These two itmes have made LUSH very popular and with very good reason.

What would be your first LUSH purchase?

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  1. thts a awesome post shweta :-)) first tym when i entered lush i was so lost tht i didnt buy anything 😛 dis is very helpful :yes: :yes:

  2. Yey!! i wanted this type of a post, as my hubby has gone to mumbai for 9 days, and i have given a long list to him, but the only problem is will he travel so much to buy everything from my list or will turn buying only a thing or two :-/ :-/ :silly:
    Well loved the post Shweta :hug-makeup:

  3. I cannot live without their body butter, massage bars and soap!! Besides, mask of magnaminty, coal face and aqua marina are my staples!!!!
    Awesome post. :hug-makeup:

  4. I love lush products too..just purchsed their henna bar to try it as i cant colour my hair…hope it will perform as well as its other products…Beauty centre at khar west is nearer than phoenix market city…also the range of products is super duper large..you can get electronics too…also infinity mall 2 malad is Awsome..it’s like the entire in orbit mall will fit inside it and still there is space for more..all international brands under one mall..

  5. hi there!!!
    okay so i have a question. which eye shadow is better oriflame very me envy downtown grey or oriflame eye shadow trio black smokey. plz suggest. i wanna buy one for smokey eye make up.

  6. Sigh…this post makes me go o lush…which is on d other side f d city…kaash bagal me hota…I can order online lekin goin t that colourful sweet melting sore is a treat in itself!


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