What makes your skin darker


What makes your skin darker

Hello folks! Now this might be a problem many of you are facing right now. Skin darkening or hyper-pigmentation is the appearance of areas or patches in the skin that have gone darker than the rest of the skin. This is caused by the concentration of melanin in those spots. Melanin is the pigment produced by melanocyte cells and this is what makes our skin appear darker. Everybody’s skin produces melanin, it’s just that those to tend to be fairer the amount of melanin produced in their skin is less than those to tend to be darker. Now this melanin is supposed to be evenly distributed throughout the skin, however when this doesn’t happen we get skin darkening or hyper pigmentation.

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Hyper pigmentation can be caused by two reason: 1> excess concentration  melanin or 2> hyperactives melanocytes. Although this can affect anyone this is more visible among Asians, Mediterraneans and Latins. This skin darkening can affect any part of the body like hands or face or anywhere. The most common types of hyper pigmentation are probably sun spots or age spots, under eye darkening, and the melasma or “pregnancy mask” as they are more well know. Now these can have their roots in a number of causes, for example, they might be caused by over exposure to the sun, for some it may be hereditary like a birth mark, or as in the case of pregnancy mask the reason might be due to hormonal changes. Certain medication or liver condition also can also result in hyper pigmentation.

Exposure to Sunlight

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This is the most common reason behind hyper pigmentation or skin darkening sunlight can cause what we call sun spots or age spots. They become more common as you age, this is because the sun’s rays destroys the pigmentation cycle in your skin. Age spots or sun  spots appear small dark patches or clusters in your skin. This might go away with proper cosmetic treatment. Another type of skin darkening cause by the Sun is characterized by parts of your skin or body which gets exposed to the Sun the most going dark. This usually goes away with time, if you take good care of the skin, like applying sunscreens, wearing proper clothes that protect your skin against the harsh rays or by applying anti-tanning pack.



Birthmark are also cause of skin color changes. This is caused by concentration or melanin under the skin. Many of us may have patches of discolored or darkened skin on either of our body parts. Having one or two of these are perfectly normal. But if you have too many then you should consult a dermatologist. Moles or little brown spots can appear on the skin at birth or might develop later. They can be flat or raised, may have irregular sizes. Sometimes they also disappear over time. But do consult a doctor if you start noticing any rapid change in the size and color of these moles or if you notice that you are developing too many.

Hormonal changes

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Hormonal changes during pregnancy or if you are taking any hormonal pill say for birth control, then this might also cause skin darkening. These are characterize by brown stains appearing around the neck, or on the face. The sunlight causes this discoloration which is called Melasma or “pregnancy mask” as they are often called. The hormones in the birth control pills disrupt the regulation of hormones in the body, or when a woman is pregnant she undergoes normal hormonal changes and this disruption causes the Melanin to accumulate unevenly under your skin in parts of the body. With exposure to sunlight parts of the skin might darken faster. But usually these go away with time.

Other Reason

Other less severe reasons are for example,skin rashes or allergies that you might have suffered from. This  darkening is usually caused by the dead skin cells that form a layer. It goes away with time as new cells begin to grow. Another less severe may be but a very common cause is use of harsh chemicals on the skin, in the form of hair removal creams or bleaches. These causes the skin to burn. Hence the darkening. So stop using them. Go for natural homemade bleaches and waxing is a far more safer way of hair removal than creams.

These are the major reasons why your skin goes darker. But you are always advised to consult a doctor or a dermatologist if you notice any visible abnormal darkening of your skin.

Which of these reasons do you think is making your skin darker?

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