What Skincare & Cosmetics Should Be Stored In The Fridge


By Reddy ,

Hey girls

Can ya tell me what cosmetics can be stored in fridge ?

Now, i only store nail colors and lip colors

like, can i store a gel liner too?

Thank you

What Cosemtics To Be Stored In Fridge


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  1. i keep nail polished in the fridge as it make them last super long, skin care creams, serums when kept in fridge not only feels amazing but also helps active ingredients penetrate the skin.

    Perfumes are said to last longer in when slightly chilled, though I have not tried this one myself.

    I even like keeping body lotion in the fridge and making them chilled ..

  2. I was about to ask you guys this question !!! As of now I only keep my semi-liquid lipstick (revlon colorburst :rotfl: ) Pls do a detailed post ….

  3. Well gurls even if your gel liner gets hard no worries..check out youtube for videos on how to revive it. I tried one which said put the liner jar in a water tight cover and leave it in hot water for 15 mins…it worked my liner was smooth and soft again. Another video said pls add eye drops…and leave the liner to sit for some time …that too worked.Another one said add primer and setting spray in equal parts and heat the contents…that too worked…so you can try anything…whatever works for u. The gel liners in question are maybelline drama in black , elf cream liner in olive , avon gel liner in black…not with me anymore. So whatever works for you. I too wanted duraline but these seemed easier …particularly the dump it in warm water one…:)

  4. u kidding..every one read them and run away ..i atleast take out time and comment on things which needs to be appreciated:)

  5. hi gurls…@anamika, good morning..u never reply to mails…and I was just appreciation your effort at appreciating me comments 😀
    @maha….thank u… :-))
    @pavani….glad u liked it..but honestly youtube is a treasure pot of ideas.. 😀

    so my computer crashed…:(…on a borrowed comp…so see u next time…:)

    • Hello Amritha..just back from doc….how is saturday going?? i did reply to your mail but u were out yesterday :D:D don blame meeeeee eee e e e e:D:D

    • i know i know even i feel in complete if there is no post here 🙁 kind of attached 🙂

      what do u think..will India win the match today?


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