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My Haul from Europe


Hey guys I think some of you know that I went to Europe in the last week of July :-D. So I was chilling out and pop came a message from Anamika di “Did you buy any makeup from Europe?” And I said “yeah not too much” but when I kept all the things together I suddenly realized that I have done a huge makeup haul. And I still feel that I am forgetting something :-D. let’s jump to the interesting part.

This is all what I shopped (except those things that I am forgetting :-P)


buying makeup in europe


Urban Decay Naked 2 and Naked 3

Price- 54 $ each

My brother knew that I am crazy about Naked palettes (*I talk makeup with my brother like I do it with my BFF*) so he gifted me Naked 3 as a Rakhi gift and Naked 2 I bought myself. Well, these don’t need any introduction now, if you want to read the review of these Makeup luxuries then jump on to Madhubani’s reviews :-D. (*wish I could review them again, I would love to do some eye-makeup for you guys :-P*).

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks- Peach Club, Frambourjoise and Nude-ist

There was some offer going on so I got all three of them in 25 Euros (bought from Paris)

They are my much much loved purchase from Europe and I feel glad that I went there and bought these. I was eyeing them since long and was searching for them everywhere. Let me come to the shades. All three of them are love at first sight (*sachchi*). Frambourjoise is a really pretty Pinkish Red just how I wanted my lipstick to be :-D. Peach Club is a TRUE peach and the most beautiful of all the three because it looks the best on me :-P. Nude-ist is my favorite Nude Lipstick now, it has just the right amount of pink in it and it makes my lips look naturally Pink. Yay!


Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks


BareMinerals Matte Spf 15 Foundation

Price- 31 Euros

Yay! I got the much raved foundation. And trust me it looks like a dream on my skin. I prefer matte finish because I sweat a lot on my face nowhere else (*somebody please help if you can*). This makes my skin look naturally even toned, there’s absolutely nothing that can go wrong with the application of this. This is the best mineral foundation I’ve ever bought. And yeah there’s a shade for everyone in BareMinerals.


BareMinerals Matte Spf 15 Foundation


Ungaro Emanuel Perfume

Price- 25 Euros

This is one perfume that I am currently loving the most. The frangrance is soooooo beautiful and almost everyone liked it on me till date. I bought it from Milan and I am so happy about the purchase. Firstly I was confused because of the word “Emanuel” written on it, I thought is it a Men’s Perfume or Women’s? Then I took the help of Google Baba and translated it 😛


Ungaro Emanuel Perfume


Versace Yellow Diamond & Bright Crystal Perfumes

Price- Both for 53 Euros (*hell yeah*)

OMG! I bought Versace perfumes 😮 , I think I am going to go mad after sometime. I good a really good deal for these perfumes. And when I opened them and just sprayed one lightly to let my cousin review the fragrance, my room was smelling floral even after an hour. I was so impressed, now I know why they are so hyped. Both of the fragrances are pretty different from each other. The yellow one is pure, fresh and vivdly floral. Where the Yellow one is Vividly floral the pink is more subtle. Bright crystal has fruity fresh notes and really sensous. 😛


Versace Yellow Diamond & Bright Crystal Perfumes


Lime Crime Velvetine- Suedeberry

Price- 13.50 GBP

Just love this liquid lipstick, perfect strawberry color and stays on and on. This was in my wish list and Europe trip was the right time to try my hands on it as they cost so much if you try to get them here in India :/ I have seen people selling it for 2200 INR 😮


Lime Crime Velvetine- Suedeberry


ZOEVA Cream Eye Liner – Black Lace & Graphic Eyes Pencil- Starry Eyes

Bought them from Germany. The creamy liner is so creamy and super black.

The shade I bought in the eye pencil is a glittery black, and the most beautiful one I have ever seen.

Price of cream liner- 7.50 euros

Price of pencil – 6.20 euros


ZOEVA Cream Eye Liner


Swiss Goodies

Bought an Spf 20 Lip balm and a traditional Swiss manicure set from Switzerland. The lip balm is of great quality and makes my dry lips pout perfect in no time. Hurray!

The manicure set is of great quality afterall Switzerland is famous for such tools 🙂

Price of lip balm- 7 Euros

Price of Manicure Set- 14.90 Euro

Collistar Infinito Eye Kit

Haven’t heard of this brand though. I saw this at Milan Duty free and then I looked at the price, it was just 12 Euros so I grabbed it quickly as it seemed like a local Italian Brand to me so I thought to give it a try. The kit has one Mascara, one Makeup Remover and One Mini Kohl in it. Haven’t tested the latter but the Mascara is great.



Victoria’s Secret Jet Setter Portable Makeup Kit

I bought this from On board shopping of Etihad Airways, how cool is that. This is one of my best purchases from the trip. I got a good deal because you don’t get Victoria’s Secret for 47$. The eye shadows are very well pigmented and buttery. Lipsticks and glosses are good as well. I haven’t tried the lip liner, mascara and eye pencil yet 😛

OCC Lip Tar- OCC Queen, MAC lipsticks- See Sheer, CrossWires

I almost forgot that I bought an OCC Lip Tar, was unpacking completely few days back and then I found this somehow :-P. The shade is really vibrant and not everyone’s cup of tea 😛

Price- 14.50 euros

I bought 5 MAC lipsticks actually. The other ones were to gift to relatives, I bought them quickly at Milan Duty Free when I heard about the price hike back home. 🙁 They Costed me around 1200 if we convert into INR.
Finally, I have finished writing this :-P. thank you so much for jhelofying this huuuuggggeee post. Let me know what did you like from my haul 🙂

And I still hope that you enjoyed.

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  1. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks

    I live in Holland and this is my fav. lipstick. Its very nice, mat feeling not glossy and stays on your lips for a really long time.

    Love it!

  2. your post is late by two years 😛
    When I was in Germany, I wasn’t much into makeup and so didnt buy a lot 🙁
    Want to go back and pick all of these.
    How cud i miss the mani set in switzerland and bourjois in Paris :0

    • Awwww…how was ur life in Germany? I was expecting a hell lpt of skyscrapers there but it was soooooooo beautiful and scenic, loved every bit of my stay there 🙂

      • I lived there for a year. Yes, no high-rises. I saw a lot of Europe and if I ever get a chance to settle in a foreign country, I will choose Germany….safe and quiet :))

  3. AYUSHIIIIII 🙂 you have to ask ana when i saw your update that you are on trip … i was like awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    anaaaa me too want to go for a Europe trip 🙁 🙁 🙁

    awesome bombastic haul baby 🙂

    • Awwwww Rashmi diiii m soooooooooooo happy after seeing ur comment 🙂 🙂 🙂 whenever u go on a trip,u’ll hv to take my shopping list as well 😛

  4. Hey bhagwan..this is great yaar! i wish God ji sbko UD palette dene wale bhai de..!! 😉
    Massive haul Ayushi…review them ab jaldi se babes!

  5. This is the Ultimate haul Ayushi Enjoy… I am drooling over them all esp the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks eagerly waiting for them to launch here 🙂


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