What to do with left over Indian Food

With increasing food cost it is a real waste of money to throw them into the bin. Even if you can afford costly vegetables but letting it go waste makes a women bad home manager .Albeit, one should always try to make fresh food but even if it is left then you can utilize them in following ways:-

1. If Roti is left then you can make a besan(gram flour) batter ,add salt and red chilli powder into it and make pakoras of it.

2. Mix left over dal with wheat flour and add little salt and red chilli powder into it. Make a dough with water and make parantha with it.

3. You can make pakoras of leftover cooked rice. Just mix chopped onion , besan, salt and red chilli powder into it. Make small balls and fry them.

4. You can make sweet and spicy rice with left over. Take 1tsp of oil ,add cumin seeds into it. Add boiled rice ,salt, red chili powder, turmeric powder and tsp of sugar. This recipe is loved by kids.

5. Mash let over paneer of shahee paneer .Take some oil add cumin seeds into it ,add chopped tomatoes and onion with some chopped green chilli. Add salt,red chilli powder and turmeric powder into it ,add the mashed paneer. Your instant paneer burji is ready.

6. Add chopped onion, tomatoes and cucumber into dry allo ki sabji(without gravy).add some salt and pepper and make sandwich out of it.

7If Rajma is left then you can take out rajma from the gravy. Mix chopped tomatoes, onions and cucumber into it. Add some salt and pepper and your salad is ready. You can use the rajma gravy in wheat flour and make paranthas of it.

8 Bread crumbs can be made for left over bread. You can mash left over sabji and add bread crums into it. Add salt,red chilli powder,garam masala and make cutlets of it as shown above.

9. You can also make bread poha if you have good quantity of bread left with you .Recipe of bread poha is here.


  1. if roti is left over.. u can tear it into pieces and follow the bread pulao recipe here.. comes out so delicous…
    u can make it chinese style also.. like we do stir fried noodles..


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