What to keep in an emergency kit of a bride

Every woman tries her best to accumulate all the things before her marriage so that she doesn’t have to face any problem afterwards. No matter how well prepared you are sometimes situations arise which make her helpless. For instance, she may forget where she had kept her safety pin or hair pin. It might happen that she may start feeling dizzy or might have a upset stomach. Asking for things in a new house become little embarrassing so it’s better to make an emergency kit for yourself. An emergency kit insures you from petty problems ahead.

Following are the things which you can keep in your emergency kit.

1. Hair Spray

2. Nail filer

3. Make up Kit comprising mainly of lipstick, cream and face powder.

4. Hairpins, Hair band and rubber band

5. Tissue Paper

6. Hanker chief

7. Comb and a brush

8. Small Iron

9. Baby powder (If there is any spot on your dress then you can apply it as a temporary cure)

10. Eye drops

11. If you wear contact lenses then make a whole kit of it.

12. Anti acid tablet and a headache tablet

13. Mint

14. Sanitary Pads

15. Smelling salt (This is basically a combination of perfume and ammonium carbonate which you can inhale when you have vomiting sensation.

1. Bloating paper to clean up make up

17. Cotton ball

18. Tooth pick

19. Cell phone charger

20. Small Mirror

By reading in advance, the emergency kit relives you from many worries and emergency.So don’t forget to include a emergency kit in your list before you get married.


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