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Well well.. I was in a dilemma while gathering information for this post, because you know blue is such a common color, that we wear almost daily (err.. means in daily life 😛 ). I mean I personally never ever gave a thought to what to incorporate or what accessories or what makeup should be paired up with blue outfits before 🙄 , but then I feel blue is such a safe color, that we probably don’t mess up with out attires as in case or Red outfits (In case you have missed my last post then read it here) . Unlike my previous post, I’d be concentrating more on highlighting the blue outfits with respect to Indian skin tones (more like according to the skin tones), so if you like Chitrangada, deepika, aishwarya and kareena and have complexions anywhere around them, then this post is a must read ..

According to Wikipedia :-

blue is located between violet and green.[3]

There are many variations of blue, from the violet-blue indigo, to the dark blue shades of ultramarine, cobalt blue, navy blue, and Prussian blue; to lighter blues;  sky blue, azure, cerulean blue, and Egyptian blue. Cyan, or aqua, is the colour midway in the spectrum between blue and green. Other blue-greens include turquoise, teal, and aquamarine

blue + wearing blue

Woaahh.. umm I knew that blue is of different kinds, but I never noticed it before 😀

pic1 + wearing blue

  1. Fair Skin :-

Totting up it , I took Kareena kapoor as a reference for all those fair skinned girls, umm there can be exceptions of course. Fair skin is a boon but sometimes Some of you might get freckles, broken veins, redness, etc and on a fair skin it shows up pretty much. But wearing a blue apparel will instantly brighten up your complexion more, you know just like you soak your white clothes in “ujala” 😀 … umm I know bad joke, but perfect example :cute: , but yes I’ve seen fairer people looking at their best when they wear blue, and especially navy blue !! Just for an e.g I searched hard to prove my point, and look I found kareena 😉

kareena kapoor + wearing blue

Tousled hairs, with unique berry red highlights and minimal makeup !! Makeup wise I can just see some soft brown/coral eyeshadow all over the lids and a deep blue eye pencil on waterline. For everyday I think this is the best way to accentuate your looks  :rose:  Also if you notice, kareena still looks trendy and chic with her pink bag and purple head band 😀  I never thought that styling actually requires so much detailing, which layman like me won’t notice (duhh.. m not good at fashion deptt. :wilt: ) oh and btw if you’re wondering what is kareena showing, then you keep thinking 😉

Tips :-

  • Wear any blue colored outfit (don’t ask me 😛 ) and for a casual look you can go for a tousled look like kareena’s or the more handy and practical look , i.e. a rough high bun, add in a few accessories, a colored eye pencil, a soft pink blush and  clear gloss.
  • IF you’re a no accessories person like me, then of course you get a chance to flaunt your makeup skills 😉 . I’d :heart: to do a dark blue smokey eye makeup with slight contouring and a pale pink blush, with lots of clear/pink gloss.
  • If you’re not a makeup person (not like me 😛 ) then you can still play around with makeup keeping in mind your stark blue dress. For e.g use of contrasting eye colors, like purple, green, lime yellow can be used as an eyeshadow, or as a liner, use mascara to accentuate your eyes furthermore and pair it with any lip gloss you want.
  • Check out this post by Lee 😀


  1. Medium Skin tone :-

I personally was confused whom to opt for a medium skin tone, then while watching MTV and listening to “Tu mera hero .. o..o o…” I thought deepika is best option. Y? because I’ve seen her having different skin tone every time :-/ I don’t know why. If you remember, in song “khuda jaane” from Bachna Ae Haseeno, deepika looks soo fair, umm maybe because they were shooting outdoors, and excess use of sunblock and makeup made her look fair :beautiful:  (by the way in that song too she’s wearing a nice flowy solid blue color dress), but yea whatever, then I have seen her looking gorgeous with a tan face, and she looks equally look without makeup too. Just for a reference take a look at this photograph of hers

deepika padukone + wearing blue

If you notice, then her light golden highlights give the right warmth to her face without being over board. On the other hand, she’s having this soft blue smokey eye makeup, which isn’t too much to get easily discerned, and the contours and her lip color draws the whole attention.

Tips :-

  • If you have highlights/colored hairs, great for you :yes: you don’t need to play much around with lots of other things. Because these automatically provide your face some color, and all you need to do is a nice smokey eye makeup with any blue you want.
  • If you don’t know contouring, fine, you can still get a gorgeous sun kissed look by using a peachy-brown blusher all over your cheeks, and a bit of highlighter.
  • Check out this simple smokey tutorial here


  1. Dusky Skin tone :-

I specifically didn’t wanted to term it “dark” , nobody is dark, and I :heart: bipasha basu for being the sexiest dusky beauty around in bollywood !! Nobody can touch her style sense, her fitness level and her ultimate confidence 😉 Just for your reference I am NC 43.5 in mac, and my skin tone keep fluctuating throught out summers :rotfl: but I fall in between deepika’s and bipasha’s complexion :chic: cool isn’t it ?? J  and I love blue color, as it uplifts my mood and my complexion.

bipasha basu + wearing blue

Tips :-

  • The tips are similar to the tips I mentioned in deepika’s section, but I personally feel you can go ahead and play more with some dark color eyeshadow (only if you feel comfortable). Bipasha looks tremendously good with all that charismatic eye makeup. But you don’t have to be like a celebrity, most importantly its essential to feel comfortable in one’s own skin and particular attire.
  • You can use various colored eye pencils to accentuate your eyes, or simply use a gel eyeliner and feather it out for a soft black smokey look.
  • I’ve always loved the idea of pairing lipstick like mac Russian red, with a dark blue smokey eye makeup !! Perfect Russian/moroccan look ! And if I get Russian red, or ruby woo, I’d definitely show you guys in future posts how lovely it looks to pair up a bright bold lip with smokey eyes !!

Here are a few blue base eye makeup tutorials in case you want references :-


Apart from these you may need to see what colors will accentuate your eyes :-

Overall In this post, I can sum up that its not about the blue color, mostly its about incorporating other stuff with your blue attire, because blue on its own looks flattering on our skin tones, but makeup is what we need to check most of the time. I did a whole lot of research for this post, but I still can’t assure if you’ll agree with me, as this is based on my knowledge and experience, although I would love to know if you have to share in something. Have a great time J

Godbless !! :-*

Img src :- 1 , Deepika , Kareena, bipasha


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  1. I think Deepika is NOT medium, she is definitely dark (I mean darker than the ‘medium’ tone). 😀 I liked the way you put it here, useful. 🙂 :yes:

    • haahahaa lets not say dark medium fair 😛 these girls (xcept kareena) have complexion like ours 😀 i mean most of the indians have this almondish (aaah exotic 😛 ) complexion na … 🙂 i’m glad u liked it.. 🙂

    • True that, she is. But I feel wheat color is medium in Indian Skin tones and she is a bit darker, you remember her in beach scenes from Housefull, I am medium and I’m absolutely sure I’m lighter than her. 😀 Probably dusky is better word but o! well.. lets not discuss skin color.. too bad. :devil: Medium would be Genelia and Jacqueline. ?:-)

  2. Thats a thoroghly detailed post Oopsie.loved how you have written the tid bits so nicely! :hug-makeup: I love blue a lot! Both in my eye shadows and dress. 😀

  3. Good post! Tho I agree with Bhawna that Deepika would most certainly be Dusky than Medium Wheatish…medium skin tones would be Sonam Kapoor.


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