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Today’s post is going to focus on what kind of makeup should be incorporated with your pink dresses. The golden rule of makeup, as always states never to pair up your makeup matching exactly to what your dress color is. Of course, you can pair up your makeup with those colors obtainable in your dress, but if it’s a single color, never go with the same color in case of your makeup too. Anyways lets move ahead.. 🙂

Wikipedia says:-

Pink is any of the colors between bluish red (purple) to red, of medium to high brightness and of low to moderate saturation. Commonly used for Valentine’s Day and Easter, pink is sometimes referred to as “the color of love.”


Pink is like heaven sent color especially for girls, and to be honest I kind of feel bad and sad and invidious when I see any male wearing a pink K yeaaa… I know too much protective for being a pink lover na ?? We have all been through the pink phase at one or the other time in our lives, and some still continue to live with it throughout 🙂

Pink isn’t a pink, but pink is a color having so many soldiers in its army :soldier:

shades of pink

Source: Wikipedia

So here I am sharing a few tips on how to keep up your makeup with any pink attire 🙂

  1. Go neutral !!

Pink is one of the versatile color, with which you can experiment a lot, but you either need to be adventurous enough or intelligent enough to do the experiment. If you’re not adventurous enough, then you can safely pair up your dress with neutral shades. Neutral shades are one of the safest bet when either your dress is too loud to pair up with any dominant color, or you’re too shy to wear loud makeup. Any neutral shade like brown, soft brown, taupe, champagne, etc will do the work nicely without looking flashy, but still having color.

What to wear with Pink attires+pink eyeshadow+sleek eyeshadow pallete

Sleek oh so special, Revlon Custom Eyes rich Temptation  are one of the best affordable neutral palettes having n*de shades and pinks too.

    2. Join the family!

Well yes, If you’re confident + adventurous, then you can go with the colors belonging to the same family, but make sure they don’t match the dress exactly. Many a times, I’ve seen that MUA’s match up with the same color (no offence to anybody) of the dress, especially in bridal makeup, and to be honest that’s a turn off, cause brides spend so much money for their special day, and stubborn MUA’s do the same old fashioned thing. To be back on track, when you’re confident for the colors from the same family, always pair up a complimentary color , like if you’re wearing a dark pink (many colors to choose from) then you can pair your makeup with soft colors like pink, amaranth pink, carnation pink (refer the shades picture, although this is just indicative). For dresses having prints of various colors, you can choose any of the darker color either from the dress, or play safe with colors belonging to purple, plum or burgundy, aubergine etc..

What to wear with Pink attires+pink eyeshadow+coastal scents eyeshadow pallete

Suggestion :- Coastal Scents 26 shadow and blush palette

    3. Go wild!

This isn’t for the shy and introverts 😀 if you’re a wild baby, then you’d probably try almost any color. To be honest, its not about the colors, its more about the confidence and the right technique of using various colors. If given a choice, I can pair up a pink attire (having prints on it) correspondingly to colors like pistachio green, olive green, blue, lavender, purple, grey, traditional smokey style, gray, or lets say almost any color.

    4. Go metallic!

If you’re in doubts, then you can probably pair up your dress with either golden or silver eye makeup, according to whatever metallic element is present in your dress.

Blush suggestions :-

  • I’d always suggest to go for any color that gives you a flawless flush and something that freshens up your face, instead of making you look dull, pale and washed out.
  • Since Indian skin tone, mostly is warm/olive tone, then blush color like apricot/peach, coral, berry pink, ruby, etc will instantly provide that perfect blush needed. However, make sure not to go overboard with it, TAKE LESS AND BLEND MORE.

Eyeliner Suggestions :-

  • Pair any complimentary eyeliner with your eyemakeup, for e.g black is traditional color, but on few it looks soo stark that they probably don’t try using a black. For people who ain’t comfortable with black liner, they can explore rich charcoal grey liner, dark brown, taupe etc.
  • IF you’re comfortable using a different liner, then you can try colors like navy blue, blue, dark purple, green etc.

I hoped you like the post, share in your thoughts too 🙂

Godbless ! :-*

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  1. Oh god!! lovely autobiography of PINKS!

    this is like BIBLE.. Great Post.. Upsi dahla! :-* :-* :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :lipstick:

  2. Ayyo i read the incomplete post and thought you were asking for reco..stpid me….now that i read the full post, its very very informative…

    Never thought silver will also go with pink..need to try

  3. upsi babe, ur posts are always refreshingly different :yes: Yet another lovely one :hug-makeup: Wudve loved to see ur pink EOTD as well :-))

  4. Loovvveee this! I too luv pink UT it gets so hard t choose the right stuff so that we don’t look like a candy pink confectionery!! Hehe..

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