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Hi all ! 🙂

Today I’m going to share my experience with the red color, as in how to tame a red lip color, a red blush or what makeup to wear when you wear a red dress ! I’m sure this post will help ya’ll out there who hesitate to wear red 😉

Anyways Wikipedia describes red as :-

“In some cultures, certain shades of red are used to symbolize anger or aggression. It is the color of blood when it is exposed to sunlight. In western countries, it is most commonly referred to as a color of evil, love, and sometimes, though rarely, happiness. Red is used as a symbol of guilt, sin, passion, and anger, often as connected with blood or sex. Red is used as a symbol of courage and sacrifice, as in blood spilt in sacrifice, or courage in the face of lethal danger. Red catches people’s attention and can be used either in a negative way to indicate danger and emergency, in a positive way in advertising to gain more viewers, or in nature, as a ripe fruit announces its ripeness by its red color.”

Woopppsss.. ! that’s a lot of information about red, so I just wanted you all to know that the red color symbolizes a lot in different senses, and its just not a color, for e.g. in Hindu tradition, red color is used for auspicious occasions, its related to one’s prosperous marriage, fertility etc. But anyhow, Lets concentrate on styling our red dresses in terms of makeup 😉

Before I sum up the do’s , I’d like to highlight the common mistakes of people they do while wearing red, or while dealing with red in their makeup :-

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  • Matching an entirely different red lipstick with a red saree/dress.

  • Doing an entire red makeup while wearing a red dress/saree.

  • Using a dark lipstick/blush.

  • Wearing wrong accessories.

  • Using too much concealer/powder (makes a ghastly face especially in flash) in order to get a porcelain skin, which by no means you can achieve without having a proper healthy skin.

The list just goes on, but first check out a few celebrity blunders 😉 😀

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Disaster red makeup

Yuck.. paris Hilton stained her lips !! This is one of the biggest mistake while using red lipstick, don’t forget to blot your inner rims of lips to prevent teeth staining.

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red makeup ideas

 Wrong Makeup

Doing a wrong makeup incorporating orangey shadow, and that too with extra powdered face makes you look like this ! K

As everyone know RED is an eye catching color, not only it invigorates your look but also makes you stand out in crowd. Just make sure you don’t do anything stated above, so here come’s the do’s of the reds 😉

  • Getting a right red lipstick is very important. Red comes in a variation, there’s a perfect red for every skin tone !! You just need to find one for yourself. Just for an e.g here’s what Wikipedia shows red as

best red makeup how to pair red dresses

Eye Makeup , Blush & Lipstick For Red Dresses:-

  • Don’t use eye shadows from the family of reds for e.g orange, bronze, reds etc, while wearing a red lipstick with a red dress. Instead you should shadows which accentuates your eyes, but keep your lips and dress as the center of attraction. Use nude eyeshadows like beige, champagne, soft browns, taupe’s, soft coral, browns etc.
  • A red blush with red lipstick and dress will be a big NO ! Instead you should use a flattering blush that makes your skin looks naturally flushing, i.e. opt for a healthy glow blush, don’t try to look like a celebrity (by now you must have seen what blunder’s they’ve made :rotfl: ooohh actually their makeup artists should be fired 😛 ) Opt for a peachy blush, or trust on contouring or bronzing your face.
  • Always line your lips with a lip pencil before applying a red lipstick because most of the red lipsticks tend to bleed (you don’t want have your teeth  like paris’s , right ? 😛 ) You can use a nude lip pencil or even a red lip pencil to draw in your lips (don’t overdraw your lips, until you have very thin lips ), then apply your red lipstick. Blot it a little if it’s a glossy lipstick to avoid staining of your lips, or apply some balm beneath if it’s a matte lipstick.
  • Just dust over a little compact powder (ofcourse you need to have a foundation matching to your skin tone, and concealer to hide any flaws). The key to look healthy and vibrant is to use a matching foundation, and concealer, and Blending !! Blend whatever you have instead of slathering more product, this is why they all look appalling with that extra and unblended and different shade concealer under their eyes. Also purchase products acc.to your skin type which are waterproof/sweatproof/crease proof/ flash proof 😛
  • If you don’t want to wear red lips with a red dress (which isn’t a rule anyways) you can always pair your outfit with nude lips, or peachy lips.

Look at all these ladies, they’re wearing reds and have one thing in common !! What ? Its red :rose: they have red gowns/dresses with red lips , but none of them look weird that’s because of incorporating and taking care of what not to do while you’re wearing a red 😉

what makeup to wear with red dresses

Adele Red Lipstick:-

My perfect example of a diva wearing a red lipstick is Adele !! I just :heart: her ,she’s a doll, and she’s an old soul, everything matches perfectly so classy and flawless. I :heart: everything right from her dresses, her makeup, her fake eyelashes which are flattering, the perfect pout, the black dresses, her wigs that reminds me of 70’s, the perfect contoured face  and what not ?? I just love love love love her :heart:

how to wear red lipstick

Some of the best red lipsticks from MAC are Russian red, ruby woo, dubonnet, lady bug etc. I hope you liked this post, and don’t forget to drop in your comments below and share your knowledge with us 🙂  Have a great time.

Godbless !! :-*

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  1. loved reading the post and these tips are quite helpfull. i like wearing red lipstick with a gloss on top and a winged eyeliner most of the time 🙂

  2. uppsiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lovely write uppppp..very helpful tips :hug-makeup: i like glowy neutral makeup wid slight contoured cheeks n matt bold red lippy 😉

    • Thanku tupsi 😀 😀 :hug-makeup: i’m waiting for ur ruby woo review :lipstick: i too want to contour my face, n m lookin out for a right product :laugh: any recossssss ?? 😀

      • heheehe it will be dere sooonnnnn :hug-makeup: u can try buorjoir choc bronzer..even lisa reccommends it or nahi toh MAC hai na 😛

        • but i want to try these in personal before buyin thm na 🙁 v dnt hv mac here n na hi bourjois counters (i believe :-/ ) dats y so many hesitation :weep:

  3. awesome post upsi! dis is seriously a red concern…part of d reason ppl dont wear red is coz we dont know wot to use them wid n how t pair them….fab post!

  4. Upsi very very informative for a beginner like me :yes: :yes: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: …. i was so impressed by the red lipstick swatch of ana… bt always fear of buying it… even i fear using dark lip gloss color…….chotu se lips mere kahi or chotu na lage :-/ :-/
    even anushka sharma hv chotu lips bt she look pretty when she carry red lips 🙂 so main ku ne :-/ :evilgrin: (as ani told me)

  5. Awesome post Upsi :yes: U must’ve gone thru a lot of trouble (not to mention a whole lot of google-ing) to compile this :-)) Nicely done and am truly taken aback at the celeb make-up blunders. I mean…dint the ppll around them, their friends, their body guards, their SOMEONE hand them a mirror??? 😯 I love how Taylor swift is rockin red in the pic. N Adele looks picture perfect! :beauty:

    • yes nafi 😀 its hard to find right celebrities blunder 😛 taylor swift looks sweet 😀 😀 and i adore adele a lot 😀 i love her style 😀 lol after seeing her wigs i feel like getting a few for myself :rotfl: :beauty: :lipstick:

  6. Aaaah i can’t get over how Drew Barrymore looks…shez actually sooo pretty! Who did her make-up??? N i usually love Eva Longoria’s makeup but this must be a rare goof-up :-/ Sorry, am still in shock :hypnotized:

    • we all have goof ups ..once i tried a new compact and went out,in between when i look at the side bar to get a shock of my life 😀

    • yea drew is really pretty 😀 i still remember her role in E.T, she’s been adorable since forever, but she looks umm i dnt knw :struggle: hw cn ppl get out like this ?:-) if i ws a celeberity i’d prefer myself witout makeup rather than caught like this :dazed:

  7. red clr always reminds me of desperate housewives cover in deir red dresses, red pumps, red lipsticks n nude eyes! wow! n ur article too wow..so helpful:D

      • there are always a bunch of people who will sit n not like it no matter how beautiful it looks.. who cares!! u can carry anything off ana as far as i’ve seen..

      • u knw Ana its weird, cause red is not a weird color, but aunties (no offence to anyone particularly) do wear those vampy dark shades wich is no sync with their outfits or nything .. wich dnt look gud acc.to me.. whereas red is still a wearable color 😀 so in short .. apni lipstick pe dhyaan dena chaie 😀 :rotfl: :lipstick:

  8. upsi !..this one of the best n most helpful posts ive come across!..uve put so much effort into it..ive never been afraid to carry red lips(c my yahoo pic :D)..n like A i pair it with a winged eyliner too n a bit of mascara n thats it..i dont use blush cuz then it makes me look too made up…do do a post on contouring 🙂

  9. ok this might sound so funny n dumb but ive been trying to contour my cheeks likebadele by using lakmez bronze eyeshadow n then i jiz apply a bit of blush over it…ok fine now u girlies can rofl..permission hai :p

  10. thank you soooooo much upasana for awesomeeee post 😀 😀 bookmarking it right away :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:

    • Thanku di :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: other than celebs i can surely vouch for u that no 1 else looks sooooooooooooooooo goooooooooood and confident like you do in reds !! :lipstick: :lipstick: Red lipsticks k lie maine apse hi prerna li hai :shy: :shy: :shy: :shy: :blush: :blush: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:

  11. pataya tha na..cannot afford mac on a collegitez budget..was gifted the fluidline but d awesome me left it in mumbai :|…ayee really aayu?..r they offering discounts as well?

  12. FANTASTIC job.. Upsi! Mind blowing..Seriously so many ppl go wrong with reds and other dont try due to all dis disaster happenin wit all dis celebrities..But RED is an adorable and lovable sexy, catchy, attractive etc etc color.. I am completely a RED Person…its my FAV color… :inlove: :hug-makeup: :-* :tap-dance: :lipstick: :rose:


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