What Type Of Sunscreen Is Best For Oily Skin?


What Type Of Sunscreen Is Best For Oily Skin?

Hello gorgeousness!

How is your monsoon passing by? Delhi monsoons have been playing hide-and-seek all through the month! Sigh!

What monsoons make me ponder upon the most, is the fact that do people completely stop using sunscreens in this month? And this is not just any random question monsoon weather is really humid and sticky, and people do tend to believe sunscreens to add on the greasiness (at least I believed so before being acquitted with the real world of beneficial sunscreens). Ignorance, I tell you!

Some people tend to stop using sunscreens during winters (when the sun is really quite closer to the earth, and we need more of SPF) and monsoons (when relatively less, but the sun is present) which is wrong, entirely wrong! I understand that people, especially oily skinned people have their inhibitions against sunscreens but that is why we are here! To make you comfortable in your SPF laden skin!

Read on to know more!

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Pick A Water-based or Powder Formula

When talking of oily skin (which is also prone to break outs) we all know by experience that finding the most apt sunscreen can be a challenge in itself. But the safest bet when considering your ultra sensitive skin type is a water-based sunscreen sans any emollients and plant oils or fatty acids. All of those greasy emollients can take a toll on your skin and make your skin look shiny just after a few hours. Chose a water-based version for the perfect sunscreen match for your skin! For extra oily folks, a powder sunscreen should be and is your go to thing!

Search for Silica-infused Goodness In Your Sunscreen

Silica, as you may or may not know is the main constituent of a makeup primer. And we recommend silica infused sunscreens for that ultra chic (read, sweat-free) effect which will last you a good couple of hours. Such sunscreens perform really well even under heavy makeup without weighing your face down or sliding off the makeup. And if you did not know, one of the main constituents of talcum powder or talc is silica so now you understand that why silica is so good for your oily skins don’t you?

Mattifying Gel Variants Are Your Best Bets


Although powder and silica fused sunscreens both work great in creating a non-greasy and semi-matte effect for your oily skin; it is always recommended to use a specially formulated mattifying gel variant if you have excessively oily, acne-prone skin. These days companies are launching many high-quality matte-effect gel sunscreens which deliver amazing results and are quite cost-effective too. Choose wisely!

Choose Sheer and Lightweight Sunscreen Lotions

Oily skin always has an upper hand with sheer and light weight formulas when it comes to choosing their perfect sunscreens. Sheer and lightweight lotion type sunscreens as monotonous they may sound are really good for super-oily skin. The light weight formula of the sheer lotion helps in constricting the facial oil secretion to the bare minimum. Though light weight gels should be your first choice, but if you have a thing or two against gel formulas, sheer lotions are you second best bet!

Try Picking A Sunscreen Loaded With Extra Anti-oxidants

Badger Lavender Broad Spectrum Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

We all have heard the rants about how antioxidants are super-amazing for our skin and how we should imbibe anti-oxidants in way possible. Same goes with anti-oxidant rich in  sunscreens which are also surplus on with anti-irritants as they are especially beneficial for acne-prone, oily skin types. And the plus is that antioxidants have been proved to increase the sunscreen’s ability to protect the skin against the harmful rays of the sun.

I hope the above mentioned steps make your next sunscreen-shopping easy and hassle-free!

Have you tried the perfect sunscreen for oily skin?

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