What we want and what we get ..:D

Since the time I have come to Hyderabad I feel completely lost.I have started explaining one thing 10 times as I think no one understand me.Today I asked my maid to change the bucket water as she had  mopped three rooms with the same water..She squeezed the mop a little tighter and went ahead with the same water.
Either people here don’t understand me or they take me for granted or may be there is some other reason .I seriously don’t know.Looking at my situation my husband sent me this and it really suits my present state of mind.:D
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There are many other incidents as well which has taken place recently with me and now I have started laughing over my situation.
Are you going through the same.?If yes then do share:)

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Happy fathers Day !!! Lolz


  1. Anamika, where were you b4 coming to Hyderabad?And yes maids.I have the same problem.They just wait to get over with the work as quick as possible, no matter how dirty it goes!Don't worry,it's the same in Pakistan!Just use a firmer tone wid them!

  2. I was in Delhi or toe precise I was in Noida(which is on border side of Delhi) Humaira..Actually i am afraid if i loose here there is no one I will get as i dont know this state language.so they possibly can use firmer tone one me but not me:DHumaira..how is yur skin doing now?Any improvement?

  3. lolz!yup better but I still have to make my bowel movement regular!what language do they speak thr?what is ur hometown?


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