What’s my skin tone and skin tone chart

I have already talked about skin tone but I feel it is such an important thing because my choice of make up and clothing changed a lot when I came to know about the wonderfull story  of skin tone.Whether one has different skin tone, Indian skin tone or dusky skin tone analyzing one skin tone is important and can not be ignored.
Color green looks nice on me where as purple looks worn out. .This I got to know by wasting lot of money in buying clothes and make up.If I would have known about my skin tone then lot of money could have been saved by me.
Skin tones can be classified into three categories:-
Now the question is how we can determine our skin tone?
*One can do a vein test in natural light to determine it.Just look into your wrist, if the vein of your skin appear greenish then it indicates you have yellow undertone which is warm skin tone.Those whose veins appears bluish indicates a cool skin tone.Easy, Isn’t?
There are some people who are not able to see their veins clearly and get confused in analysing the green and the blue.So my confused friend can do the Pony tail test.
*Pony tail test-As the name suggest pull all your hair back away from your face in a pony tail(you can use a hair band too) and clean your face thoroughly.Now Place a white towel or cloth around your neck and shoulders.Got it? Yes I think you are getting it.So if your face looks yellow then this means you have a warm skin tine where as bluish reflection means a cool skin tone.
*If you have seen my make up look most of the time you will find me using gold .This is because of my warm skin tone.Those who like using silver or if silver suits you that means you have a cool skin tone.
*We can even know our skin tone with our eye color.It comes as a thumb rule.Most of the time people with green or grey eyes with black, blond or brown hair have a cool skin tone.Now to add more to the info , the cool skin tones have a pink or a rosy under tone.
*Those with brown(me me me!!!), black or hazel eyes and have black, brown , bold or even hair are usually have a warm skin tone and with this they have a golden or apricot undertone.
*There are always exception and if all the above test still doesn’t make you analyse your skin tone then probably you are having a neutral skin tone.Though neutral skin tone will also lead to warm or cool.
*Below is a skin tone face chart which will help  your skin tone whether warm , cool , Indian , different, light skin tone(Gosh !!! we women think so much about our skin tone and give it so many names:D) in choosing which color will suit you .

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