When Rape Goes Glam


When Rape Goes Glam


By now most of you must have seen this ridiculous ‘awareness-spreading’ photoshoot! For the uninitiated, a photographer who goes by the name Raj Shetye decided to do something for a ‘great cause’. His cause of interest was rape and so he did a photoshoot that is eerily similar to Nirbhaya gang rape case.

This Mr. Raj aptly chose a bus as his location. The models were a skimpily clad girl and few men. The photoshoot is called ‘The Wrong Turn’ and shows a few boys harassing a girl in the most fashionable way.



rape photoshoot india

Mr. Raj says that his photoshoot is not a ‘copy’ of December 16, 2012 case rather it shows that women who travel in public transport or move in public spaces have a right to dress well too. Can you digest this? I can’t.

He adds that he has been successful in sending his message across and is satisfied with his work. Really? Then why did he take his page down after the protests started rising?

If he really felt that strongly about the issue and relevance of his work then he should have stuck to his stance. I actually feel that this 0ne-minute-fame phenomenon is just too common these days. Mr. Raj too took advantage of it and got his moments of fame. Obviously he is a well known person now. Create a bizarre controversy and then get famous, quick success will follow.



raj shetye rape photoshoot

Now Raj Shetye’s life has taken a wrong turn but his aim of ‘getting a reaction from society’ has been fulfilled.

I felt outraged when I saw these pictures. I mean who does that? This also makes me wonder about the image of our country worldwide. If he believes that every women has the right to dress as she wishes to then why did he show her getting molested? In my view such people are sick and can do just about anything to get famous.

In my view the photographer should apologize as it is the least that he can do.

If you are really this sensitive Mr. Raj then you need to feel ashamed and not satisfied. Well, we know that you are satisfied because now you have everyone’s attention and people know that you exist.

What are your opinions about this ‘work of art’?

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  1. The photography, the theme are really outrageous. The pics very well send a msg that u dress up nicely n you get prepared to be molested……
    I don’t understand what that female model was thinking while agreeing to do this shoot!!!!!!

  2. oh gosh this is limits crossed, the photos themselves look so outrageous what was he thinking while implementing it…really shameful !!!

  3. Really pathetic……..its a shame on the society and such people who take advantage of such heart rendering incidents to make money out of it!!! Hell….


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