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By Shrilata,


This discussion started between me and my friend when she saw me using my regular skin cream and suggested me to use some anti aging cream from now onwards which I always felt was not necessary unless and until we really see the aging signs in our skin. As I regularly follow a good skin care regime, I never thought of using anti aging creams.

She runs a parlor and usually customers ask for her advice to keep their skin young and beautiful. She shared some valuable things with me about skin aging and its prevention which I would like to share with you gals……

But before this I was not a believer of anti aging creams as skin aging is a natural process and with age our skin tends to loose its elasticity, wrinkles will appear and it is not advisable to go against natural processes. So here are some facts which she shared with me…. Hope they will be useful for you .

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Skin aging begins long before we see it physically in the form of dryness, dark spots, wrinkles, dullness etc.

Sun rays and Pollution are the worst enemies of the skin. They cause major damage to our skin. Pollutants in air and water block our pores making skin look duller.

Excessive drinking and smoking are equally harmful to our skin making it look pale and lifeless and the effect is not only limited to our skin but we can see that in our eyes (fluffiness, redness, soreness etc) and also on our health.

Almost 90% of the skin aging signs are contributed by sun. Its harmful rays have no mercy for our delicate skin. And almost 1/4th of this damage has already occurred when we are in our late teens.(Its very surprising). And almost 50% of the damage done by the time we reach 40’s. (Did some googling for these figures :)). These figures are related to American research, just imagine then what will be the figures for India where we are exposed more than double the sun rays to which Americans get exposed to. Very horrible.

So now I agree that 20s is the best time to start giving extra care to your skin and also to start using anti aging creams. Also make sure to incorporate a toner which contains Vitamin C in your daily skin care as Vit C is known for its skin renewable properties. Always use SPF 15 or above on your face to prevent it from visible damage of sun.

Moisturization is the key to beautiful and glowing skin. Invest in a good moisturizer if possible with SPF 30 and above, specially for summers or else we are very well aware of sunscreens and sunblocks. Also get a good pair of sunglasses to protect your delicate eyes. (I am using Polaroid sunglasses which have antiglare in them as well as UV protection. It costed me 4000Rs/- , even you get good glasses in Lee Cooper also.). Understand your skin type and choose your products.

If you are staying in a polluted city and spend most of your time in AC like me then you need to take extra care because:

a)      Humidity is very low in Air Conditioned environments and they sap moisture from your body resulting in dryness and fine lines on the skin. Moisturize your skin at regular intervals to overcome this.

b)       Pollution damages our skin as mentioned before, also resulting in various allergies for sensitive skin.

Above all exercising and proper nutritious diet will solve half of your problems. We all prefer natural products for our skin, be it a cream or a mask and most of these natural cosmetics are derived from the food stuff which we consume daily. Regular exercising eliminate toxins from your body . It’s the best anti aging solution and ofcourse it is not for sale…everyone can afford it right?

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As you move towards your 30’s try to expand your skin care regime by involving face masks and peels which helps tighten the skin, under eye gels, and regular facials.

Best Anti Aging Creams

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Please don’t forget your beauty sleep…..when you sleep soundly your body releases growth harmone  and melatonin which has incredibly positive effects on your body and immune system. When you sleep all your body cells repair  and recover.

I think its very wise to adopt prevention at early ages rather than trying to reverse the effects of aging in the later stages. Yes, all these preventions will not stop skin aging but will surely delay it far more than you can imagine.

What are your thoughts on this?

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    • Even I have started using them..was never aware of these details ..grabed a pack of Olay total effects from my nearest store :-))

    • Anamika, I am looking for a good anti ageing cream, I live in Hyd, have combination acne prone sensitive skin, which breaks out once in a while, please help

        • hey I did search for it and then was confused so seeking expert advice. …. Please help 🙂 I want to order something now … if you can tell me about a nice cream 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1. I think no cream has the ability to “Anti” age a particular skin, it only slows down the natural aging process, not stop the aging process! so i think 25-26 onwards girls should start using anti-aging products.

    But finding an ‘effective’ anti-aging cream is really challenging! 🙁

    • Thats very true Prerna…a good skin care along with these products can surely help slowing down the singns of wrinkles, darkspots and other signs of aging

  2. Thats a great article 🙂 I have invested in alpha hydroxy products for both body and face cream (i swear they have done great work on my skin) .. and use sunscreen seperately for day 🙂
    now for night since im acne prone have always stuck to LactoCalamine but this winter i felt sudden dryness on skin so looking out for a night cream that has vit e and can be used along with my lacto. Anti ageing i dont know may be after i turn 25-26 i’d prefer it.

  3. Very informatiove Srilatha…also i’m happpy about that fact that i am an oily…usually dry skinned ppl tend to show wrinkles…bhagwan kuch leta hai toh kuch deta bhi hai :rotfl: :rotfl:

    • I am having a very dry skin :smug: :smug:.My facewash, moisturizer, sunscreen , lipbalm and my sunglasses are the best friends of my handbag wherever I go. :chic:

  4. The best ingredient to check in all the Anti-agening products is “REtinol” , its a miaracle product must say..

  5. Hii..nice article!! I would rather like to prevent than curing those wrinkles at a early age.. So i’ve started using the st. ives collagen elastin facial moisturizer..thts a very good product!!

  6. I do not definitely believe in anti-aging creams coz most of them do nothing for the skin but yes a proper skin care is very necessary right from the childhood to keep skin in a good condition and more than that diet and exercise and sleep are very necessary….I wish we could all be kids so that we could sleep most of the day and have fun in the rest 🙂


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