Where To Buy Argan Oil In India


Chitra asks,

After reading too many good things about Argan oil I am keen on buying it but unfortunately I am not able to find any online sites which stock them. Please help!

It is available in two sizes of 50ml and 100 ml and is available on Flipkart

Oleon Moroccan Argan Oil photos

I have used this oil for my hair and have impressive things to say about this magic oil! It adds shine to dull lifeless hair and makes them super soft!

The best thing about this oil is that it is 100% pure and certified organic Moroccan argan oil which you can blindly trust for your skin and hair care needs!

In my opinion this is surely a must try product for those who are struggling with dryness of the scalp or the skin and need a safe and harmless treatment through natural products.

Oleon Moroccan Argan Oil price


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  1. hey chitra , you can buy argan oil from soulflower … not sure its good or dud but most of their products are nice … so you can giv a try 🙂

  2. The Soulflower argan oil was initially priced at Rs. 350, when they first launched it. The price was hiked the next time I visited their website to purchase it. I have used it on my hair but frankly, didn’t see much of a difference than regular coconut or olive oil.

    However, one good site where you can purchase it from is feelunique.com. They provide free shipping to India and have an organic brand (Fushi) of good quality oils, including argan oil.

  3. ya, so they went and immediately more than doubled the price 🙂

    and besides, the quantity they provide is minuscule, considering u will be using it on ur hair. It works out much more cheap to get the Fushi one, its 1000 ml i think so that lasts u a while


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