Where To Buy Bengali Jewellery in Kolkata?



Where to buy Bengali jewellery in Kolkata?


Bengali married women generally flaunt two important items- cotton sari and saankha-pola. While ‘saankha’ is made from ‘shankh’ or conch-shells, ‘pola’ is red lac based bangle. These two are important identification for any married woman in Bengal. Bengali culture is rich in tradition and heritage which prevails in the lifestyle of the people belonging to this region. These people are mostly artistic and use colours in almost all aspects of their lives. Bengali wedding is great place to see how culturally rich this community is.

The craftsmanship of Bengali artisans can make one speechless. The brilliance in their works is evident through the jewellery pieces that they create for adoring the women of Bengal. Here is a list of the typical jewellery pieces that Bengali women display in their day-to-day lives.

Ear Decoration with ‘Kaan’:

Thin gold sheets are used to design covering for the ears that are studded with either semi-precious or precious stones. Kaan, as this ornament is commonly called, is worn to marriage ceremonies and festivals like ‘Durga Puja’ in West Bengal. It is a true show of affluence and prosperity.


kaan bengali earrings


Head Covering with ‘Tikli’:

Generally Bengali brides wear this ‘tikli’ on their heads that have centre-parting so that the ornament shows off clearly. A tikli can be made out of gold, silver, pearl or any other material and the expensive tiklis have stone-studding in them. They are also meant mainly for exclusive wear.


tikli benagali jewelry


‘Chik’ for the Neck:

A chik is mainly gold based necklace which is broad and flat and sticks to the upper end of the neck. It can be studded with gems or diamond and is meant for celebrations and other important events. Bengali brides have the privilege of wearing them at the wedding ceremony.


choker bengali design


‘Taabiz’ or ‘Tagaa’:

Hollow bangles are called ‘tagaa’ or ‘taabiz’ and have differing size from the regular bangles or ‘choories’. They are worn by Bengali Muslims as well as Hindus and are mostly worn for religious purposes.


gold tabiz bengali jewelry


‘Paanch Lahiri’ or ‘Sapta Lahiri’:

‘Paanch’ or five strands of beaded strings and ‘sapta’ or seven strands of beaded or stone-studded strings make these neck jewellery items. They are favoured by unmarried Bengali girls but married women can also take the privilege of wearing these chic neck wears.


saptha lahri bengali jewel


The following is a list of ten most commonly visited showrooms in Kolkata for traditional and conventional Bengali jewellery. The prices offered here are highly competitive and the designs are latest and in vogue.

P.C.Chandra Jewellers:

Corporate Office: P. C. Chandra Jewellery Apex (P) Ltd. P-37A, C. I. T. Road, Kolkata – 700014, Telefax: +91-33-22270709 / 1209 / 2552
Web: www.pcchandraindia.com

Anjali Jewellers:

38, Arabinda Sarani
Kolkata G.P.O., Kolkata -700005
Area: Kolkata G.P.O.
Phone: 033 – 25335832, 033 – 25335834
Web: www.anjalijewellers.com

J.K.Chandra Jewellers:

25/A, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Road,
Ballygunge, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Rd,
Bhawanipur Kolkata,
West Bengal 700025
Phone:033 2476 9635
Transit: Jatin Das Park
Web: www.jkchandrajewellers.com 

Sawansukha Jewellers:

Camac Street, Entrance from Pretoria Street,
Kolkata, West Bengal 700017
Phone:033 2289 5281
Hours: Monday hours 10:00 am–8:00 pm
Web :www.sawansukhablog.com

Senco Gold:

Address: 7&8, C I T Road, Entally, Kolkata,
West Bengal 700014 Phone:033 2457 3646
Help Line: 40215000
Website: www.sencogold.co.in

M.P. Jewellers:

Address: 1, Vivekananda Rd,
Jorasanko, Kolkata,
West Bengal 700007
Phone:033 2259 2903
Transit: Trikonia
Web: www.mpjewellers.com

B.C.Sen Jewellers:

Sumangal-1st Floor,
4 Lee Rd.,
Ph. No: 033-2290-1125/1126
Fax: 033-2287-9972/2281-5601
Web: www.bcsenjewellers.co/

Syndicate Jewellers:

Showroom: 22, Camac Street,
Block A, 1st Floor,
Kolkata – 700 016
Ph. No: 033-2281-4137/3596
Web: www.syndicatejewellers.com

Mahabir Jewellers:

H.O. Address:31/b Adi Banstala,
Barabazar, Kolkata-700002
Ph. No: 033-2272-8341


Address: 96 A & B Rashbehari Avenue,
Ph. No: 033-2463-8634
Fax: 033-2466-7223
Web: www.ratnagirikolkata.com

Do you buy Bengali Jewellery?

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