Where To Buy Bridal Lehanga & Get Bridal Makeup In Delhi


Palak Asks,

I stay in south delhi near AIIMS. please suggest me a good place from where I can get my lehenga and other accessories. I am wheatish complexioned what color will suit me most.

Can u please help me in deciding which is the right place to get bridal and prebridal done I was confused between lakme salon and VLCC plz plz plz suggest as I need to book an appointment I don’t have many days left. waiting for suggestions.

My Budget – Make up anywhere between 8 to 15k and for lehnga 30k – 50 k.


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  1. Hi Palak,

    Do check out Chandni Chowk….I cant advise you much on this..but a lot of my friends brought some gorgeous bridal garments, sarees, lehengas from chandni chowk..

  2. hey, you can chk out “Bombay Selections” and also “Ushnakmal” for beautiful lehengas!! They have some gorgeous stuff. They are in south ex market.
    If you want to chk out Anarkali / Meena Bazaar, go to their Karol Bagh outlets which are the biggest and have the most variety.

    For makeup, I guess Ambika Pillai is the best!! I got mine done from her and it was fabulous. Make sure you ask for a junior artist only – they are very nice!
    There is also a “madonna” in vasant kunj or vasant vihar, I dont remember which place. A few of my cousins got their makeup done from there.

    Hope this helps!

    • Thanks Tanvi for reminding me about ambila pillai I have it near by my place at ansal plaza. You mean junior artist will she be perfect with their work?

    • Hi Tanvi,
      I am getting married in delhi on 22nd dec. Just wondering if you can give me some ideas about pricing for makeup at Ambika Pillay I found her website but no pricing etc. I do not reside in India so trying to get things booked in advance if possible. It will be great help. Also what kind of pre-wedding treatments would be recommended for indian bride .
      Look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Hi, My sis got married last year so i sure know a lot of places.. you should def take a trip to chandni chowk.. best quality and awesome price.. The shops you should go to are APSARA (which is in paranthe wali gali) and KALA KRITI (awesomesssst collection) ..and the price is super reasonable compared to any retail shops.

    as for makeup.. no one is better in the business than Vidya tikari.. shes the best 🙂 and her salon is in malviya nagar!

  4. Hi Palak…

    Congrats on your wedding..

    I also suggest Chandni Chowk for best materials as well as good deals in bridal lehnga.

    Madonna is very good for pre bridal treatments and Im sure they will help you with makeup too…but plz use your discretion after you talk to them.

    They have a branch in Green park market also..which I think will be easier for you than going to Vasant Kunj.

  5. Hi Palak, congrats…. i must have tried about 500 lehngas in 3 days when i came for my shopping. I had just abt 4 days to complete my shopping in delhi 🙂 I found my dream piece in Karol Bagh at Ashok Collection. It is a very small shop who is actually a wholesale dealer. I would recommend that you find out someone in your friends / family who knows a businessman/ shop owner in a particular market and take them for the final shopping. You will definitely get a HUGE discount. I got about 40% off due to this very reason….

    As far as makeup goes, I feel Ambika Pillai is good. My cousins had used Lakme and Alps but I didn’t find them that good. The trouble with Ambika Pillai is that all brides end up with similar makeup. If you are looking for a different look, I suggest doing a lot more research. That said, the quality of products they use is Amazing. For all my functions, the makeup was intact till the very end! Sadly, i wasn;t too much into makeup then and have no clue what rands they used on me:(

    If you are looking for a pre bridal treatment, do look at online deal sites like snapdeal and so sasta. You can find some great deals there.

    Have fun!

  6. anks u must have lost some 5kg trying 500 lehangas lady.

    i got my lehanga with the help of my bhabhi .i didnt even know where exactly she took me i just sat in the car and followed her blindly 😐

  7. Hi Palak , congrats even I am having the same issue, wedding in Jan end and I am like getting mad for everything. Do not go to VLCC for packages because that will make u spend way too much and getting less what i am doing is getting pre bridal services from my day to day parlor its a nice spa and all and they know my skin type way better than new ones. For main day also try such places they may be small but they know you and you can get trials and everything done!
    As far as lehenga goes, Meena bazaar in Karol bagh offers a huge variety but a bit costly. Your price range is good so you may find an amazing thing there. else, Karol bagh is any day better for wedding shoppings you get lehenga to sandle everything there. When you enter the market there is a shop named Mannat i saw beautiful pieces there. 🙂 and for jewelry with lehenga and all try MUCh more in Karol BAGh..you wont regret buying from there EVER!! all d best and keep us posted about it n suggest me also if u find something good 😀

  8. Thanks a ton Prachi, Nidhi, Tanvi, Rekha, Tanvee, Pavani, Poornima, Anks, Himadri and Anamika for your suggestions. yesterday I went to Lakme Salon lajpat nagar branch they offered me 3 packages Bridal Aura for 8500, Bridal Golden glow for 11500 and Bridal platinum glow for 15000.
    They confused me with the make up part, they said generally they use Krylon makeup but if I want Mac make up then I need to pay 2500 rs extra. I couln’t understand what difference will it make.
    Any suggestion I have not finalised yet though.

  9. I guess MAC products are better so you could go for it. HAve you used such products? Ask them for trial or the look. Decide on lehenga first then think for other stuff I guess. If you want golden glow that is the lehenga has golden designs then you should go for Golden glow bridal pack!!

    • Bridal Makeup is same in all packages Himadri. services and no of sittings vary.
      BRIDAL AURA: 3 Sittings (11000 with Mac) Full wax, glow pack, face, neck & blosline bleach, Aroma Manicure, aroma pedicure, advanced hair services, eyebrow n upperlip threading.

      BRIDAL GOLDEN GLOW: 4 sittings( 14000 wid Mac):body exfoliation, Full wax, glow pack, face,neck front and back bleach, floral bliss facial, orchid hand & foot care services, aroma oil head massage eyebrow n upperlip threading.

      BRIDAL PLATINUM GLOW: 5 SITTINGS (17500 WITH MAC): Every thing is same in this one get waxing twice, bleaching twice, 2 manicure and pedicure aroma & orchid, 2 facials complexion enhancement & floral bliss facial. 2 hair next indulgence.

  10. agreed! I think Kryolan is a great brand specially when it comes to heavy makeup! Mac is def superior in some ways but kryolan is no less! ..and honestly if i were in ur place i wouldnt pay extra for MAC

  11. Hi Everyone, Today I went to Madonna vasant kunj. They are charging 10,000 for bridal makeup with Mac and 7500 with Kryolan. Their 1 week pre bridal pachakge is for around 17000. May be this could be of help for you Himadri.

  12. Girls … i need advise for my sister’s wedding… going by the above madonna vasant kunj ( thats where even i stay ) seems to be a good pick for bridal… but one query .. if i do not want my sister to look heavily make up(d)… and yet with d golden glow look with accentuated eyes lips and cheek bones.. ( thats basic in make up i suppose :o) …shud v go for kryolan or MAC ? .she’l be wearing a golden lhenga .. whats ur recommmendation ? ofcourse she and i hardly know nything about make up detailings and related brands.

    One thing she’s got sensitive skin … and btw d wedding is on this 30th Nov itself.. wish her blessings 🙂 and we hardly have nytime left to place a booking….

  13. Hi Guys, I read ur recommendations and suggestions but still confused, I stay in East Delhi, I.P. Extension, Near Anand Vihar and Preet Vihar . Please suggest me the right place for bridal make-up in East delhi. I am confused between Lakme and L’oreal, which is better. Please let me know about Looks saloon also, if anybody has visited to that saloon.
    My budget is also the same – Make up between 8 to 15k.
    If you can suggest any other saloon in East delhi, then do let me know. Thanks a ton…………

  14. Hi

    Has anyone tried the Vidya Tikari salons in Moti Nagar and Gurgaon? Sometimes the quality varies across the branches…

  15. hie i m deepika and i will suggest u ambika pillai as my sis gt her make up done frm there and it was fab yr she was lukng damn awsm 🙂 and lakme is good bt they apply over makeup so in my suggestion try for ambika pillai and have a good married life tckre :cake: this is frm my side for ur wedding

  16. Hi Gurls,…

    Iam getting married soon too.I have done lot of research for lehengas and make-up and pre-bridal.

    @ Palak- go to Ambika Pillai ,…I got my make-up done from Vidya Tikari on my best friends engagement and they made me look like white make-up cake.i went to lajpat nagar.However, i rilli liked Ambika Pillai ask for any senior artist. Krylon and MAC both are same.I would suggest go for krylon coz more than the brand you also need to check what the artist is comfortable with.MAC is more vibrant and certain artists are not very comfortable with MAC.Krylon is Professional range used all over.The concealers are better for a glamorous look than MAC,coz MAC concealers are more for everyday use.For Lehenga,try Chandni chowk, for sarees i got from my uncles shop which is at chandni chok only,as they are whole salers of sarees.Also, for accesories try DIVA Art in Chandni Chowk,..They have amazin Kundan imitations.I got pieces for my Mum from there. thats way better than Much More.i can give u the address also, if u want.

    @Khushboo- Try Lakme for make-up in Cross River Mall.Thats close too.

    @ Gurpreet – since the indian weddings are at night golden make-up with gold lehenga would look very pale.Talk to the artist and c the contrast variations to add colours to the skin depending on complexion.

    I hope this helps.

  17. For Designer Bridal Lehengas Frontier Bazaar Karol Bagh is the BEST.

    and for Bridal makeup Ambika Pillai .I got my my bridal makeup done from Senior Artist of Ambika

    Charges of Junior Artist : Rs 8000
    Charges of Senior Artist : Rs 12000
    Charges of Ambika Pillai : Rs 25000

  18. hi,
    i am confused between make up artist between Meenakshi dutt and ambika,

    please please advise which is better to go.



  19. Hi,
    My marriage is out of delhi in Nov. Ambika pillai or their artist travels also.

    Please suggest me some good and reasonable make up artist asap.

  20. hiii…..my mrg in feb ….at ghaziabad ….want to go for sum good make artist…..confused btw ambika pillai..vidya tikara and lakme and loreal…..what to do …

  21. I am getting married in March 2015. As I am a south indian based in Delhi, I need to know a makeup artist who specializes in south indian make up. It will be really helpful if you could suggest few MUAs to me.

    Thanks so much!


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