Where To Buy Cheap Makeup Brushes?


Where To Buy Cheap Makeup Brushes?

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All those who have recently taken up to makeup be it as a hobby, or as an obsession realizes that makeup is a drug; it is highly addictive. Period.

And we understand, that you love makeup, and want o hoard on everything related to makeup, but maybe your finances do not allow you to splurge. Now that you have collected all the best drugstore lip colors, mascaras, eyeliners in every possible color, BB creams, concealers, shadows and what not it is time for you to realize that just having these products is not enough.

Cheap Makeup Brushes

It is the makeup application which counts and a flawless makeup application is incomplete without makeup applicators makeup brushes. No, you do not need to shell out a couple of thousand bucks to grab those sigma or real-techniques brush set. A small investment in good quality bristled brushes can do the trick. Here are a few places where you can buy cost-effective yet awesome brushes to suit your individual needs and budget.


Earlier known as alibaba.com, this website is here to stay for all the makeup addicts on a tight budget. And not just makeup, practically everything in the world, imported from china, delivered to your doorstep, no matter where in the world, and that too free of cost yes, you heard me right! No shipping charges whatsoever! From single brushes, brush sets to dupes of some famous brushes from mac, sigma and real techniques fine quality dupes at that is what Aliexpress has to offer. And the prices you ask almost 1/10th of what you’ll have to pay for the original brushes.

It has quite a few amazing makeup brush sets, and the single stippling brushes available on the website are too good to be to true for the price they come at. A worth trying website for sure!

Cheap Makeup Brushes


Another dream website for every beauty addict is the spectacular Buyincoins. The products available are filthy-cheap and the quality they offer is ah-mazing.

The website has quite a wide range of makeup brushes ranging from face brushes to eye-makeup brushes and kabuki you get them all. And again no extra shipping, worldwide! The only thing you need to do is find the best deal on the choicest products as there are a lot of sellers selling the same products at variable prices. And then you actually will be buying in coins.


Ebay though a little tricky to trust, I personally have trust issues with ebay sellers is one of the most extensive online makeup seller worldwide. From reputed brands to locally manufactured, good-quality brushes and brush sets; ebay has something to satiate every makeup addicts cravings. But you need to stay aware on ebay and do your research before placing the order, as many a times ebay sellers are selling fake brushes in the name of high-end original counterparts, and in a moment of despair you end up paying more than the actual price of the fake products. But nevertheless, if searched laboriously, you are sure to find some awesome brushes at dirt-cheap Prices on Ebay.


This one here is for our desi girls who feel a little inhibited from ordering from overseas. Flipkart is there to rescue you. Not that you will find the cheapest or the best quality brushes here, but there are a few sellers who sell colorfully patterned brush sets which work relatively good. Some even have dupes of single brushes of Indian makeup brands you just need to keep an open eye for them. Plus, you always have the option for COD on flipkart, so you pay only when you receive the products. So much less hassle!

All Cosmetics Wholesale

All Cosmetics Wholesale is one of the best makeup portals I have personally came across. Apart from the fact that there is a sale on the website almost all year long; it actually sells its products at wholesale prices. Yes, actual high-end products retailed at wholesale prices. It has a separate section for makeup tools where you can find loads of brush sets, single brushes and makeup applicators to suit your individual needs. Plus, it does not levy shipping charges on any minimum value; instead the website adds a very nominal shipping fee on your bill in respect to the net weight of your products. Interesting, isn’t it?

Have you bought makeup brushes from these places?

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  1. Nice post, these days once can buy these brushes from amazon.in and ebay india too, I bought myself, they were pretty good. there is another site ibhejo.com , one can buy maximum brushes and all from them

  2. wow nice post…. I had a good experience with buyincoins.com.. i ordered one blending brush for a dollar and an eye shadow palette from them. pretty good service and quality as well.

  3. Such an informative post I hav been hunting to buy a pencil brush frm some international sites but haven’t gone through because of their shipping charges can u plz suggest a dupe for Mac 230 or sigma…do these above said sites carry pencil brushes? Plz let me knw

    • all of the above mentioned international sites offer free shipping worldwide, deena! And you can find a selection of single buffer, kabuki and such brushes, but i guess the pencil brushes would come it a brush set only. Rest, a keen eye is the key to work with the aforementioned websites!
      Good luck!


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