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Shruti asks,

Hi Anamika,
I have been following your blog for quite some time and I must say you are doing a fabulous job..
And congratulations and I am sooooo soooooo happy for you and your baby..God bless you both..
I have a query so could you help me?I am looking to purchase Essential oils(mostly 10 ml bottles).I live in Chennai.Can you tell me where I can get these?
I did look them up online but the shipping charges are expensive:(



essentials oil in India


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    • I m especially looking for rosemary oil and peppermint oil..Aroma Magic doesnt have rosemary oil.. 🙁
      Did check out a couple of websites but they cater to international customers mostly(for a 10 ml bottle which costs 0.77$,the shipping charge was 30$) 😯

  1. aayu ill ask beauty beyond..they have huge stock of biomatrix products..i want that particular mask too so if i find it ill courier u n upsi both 🙂

  2. AROMA MAGIC & SOULFLOWER… they are easily available online in UT, Stylecraze…etc..

    Soulflower has quite a good range and you can also get them at huge discounts from fashionandyou.com when on a sale.. 🙂

    And regarding MATRIX BIOLAGE MASK.. I think my local parlour wali stocks it and she always keeps asking me if i want any product.. i can chk with her on my next visit and let you ppl know..

    i can ship to you ppl in case u gals are looking for it… 😀

    Someone get me the full name of it na..

  3. Sowie Chnnai..i dont know but if you can get someone to get it from Hyd for you then ask them to head to Kathiawar..you’l get every kind of essential oil with them..

    • Mits..i think u must have mentioned Kathiawar some 100 times in two year span..quite a committed customer u r 🙂

  4. Hey please try moksha lifestyle…. They have some awesome collection of esseltial oils at reasonable price. I have got from them and had a good experience! Just browse through their website and mail them your list!

  5. Hi Ladies,
    I recently went on a month long trip to India and one of the items on my shopping list were essential oils which I use in 2 ways.
    1. I mix equal parts of sesame, olive, almond oil and perfume with a few drops of floral oil and use daily after my bath. I make small batches and keep in a dispenser bottle in my shower so I can switch perfumes often. The most important thing is that you must be quite wet in order for the oil to glide over your body and not be a sticky mess. Then simply pat dry. You will have great skin and never need body lotion even in the dead of winter and you will smell amazing.
    2. I use an entire essential oil bottle in a reed dispenser to scent my home. You can of course, also use a few drops in water it in an aroma burner lit with a candle, whatever rocks your boat.

    Basically there are 2 kinds of essential oils, one for perfumes (floral) and one medicinal/food (herbs). A few of them overlap but in most cases that was it. The medicinal kind is much cheaper and is available at many online stores and since they are quite cheap to produce you usually get the real thing. It is the floral PURE oils that one is likely to get cheated on because they are so expensive to produce. After visiting dozens of stores in various cities where most of them sold terribly diluted oils for Rs 200 for 15ml, I found just 3 stores that had good quality oil for Rs 400-Rs600 for 15ml. Stores like Fabindia and Forest Essentials had mixed oils, not 100% pure. Also note that Tuberose (Rajanigandha) is always a chemical oil bcos for some reason it cannot be made into pure oil. I found both medicinal and floral oils at the Aurbindo centre in Kolkata but refrained from buying anymore after my shopping expedition below so I cannot comment on the quality but I am sure it must be decent.

    Bangalore: At The Oberoi hotel, I bought Jasmine and Ylang Ylang at Rs 500 for 15ml, at the spa. Made by Kama Ayurvedic especially for Oberoi hotels. They might discontinue sales of this product as they are moving on to Forest Essentials for their in house needs however, FE have more or less discontinued pure oils for public consumption and will only be supplying the Taj & Oberoi chains. We stayed at the Taj Mansingh in Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Hyderabad & Mumbai and the Oberoi in Agra, Bangalore and Kolkata and the scent just knocked you off your feet! The Oberoi Grand Kolkata told me that due to the difficulty in getting large quantites of the jasmine oil from FE they were sourcing it from France at Rs 1 lakh per litre. I absolutely believe it, the scent is just spectacular when you walk in at most of the Taj & Oberoi group of hotels.

    Mumbai: Very close to the Taj Mahal hotel there is Inshaallah Mashaallah perfumers, ask for Ram Deen/Shan (22049495) Mundigar Bldg, BEST Marg, Opposite Electric House, Colaba, Mumbai 400 039. Here I bought the ONLY 2 100% pure oils that they had: Lotus and Tea Rose at Rs 600 each for 15ml. The rest of it was the usual diluted rubbish. You can tell the difference right away once you smell the real thing. The real one smells amazing the moment it hits your skin while I could hardly even smell the diluted ones which were all sold at Rs 200. In fact the guy kept telling me I had a cold when I could not smell anything until of course, he produced the Lotus and the Tea Rose!

    Kolkata: Lakshmi Bottle Stores (2215 9903) ask for Mrittunjoy Mukherjee. 17 Ezra St, Kolkata 700 001. You might want to call ahead to get the exact location, it was really difficult to find, but what a find! They had an amazing collection of pure florals, herbals, food oils etc. Prices were the most reasonable at Rs 300-Rs400 for 2 ml. Here I bought Rose, Kathali Champa (ylang ylang), Gardenia and Belphul (Sambac/Mogra).

    Hope this info is useful! I wish I had more time to pursue stores in all the cities we visited, hopefully in the future! I did come home with 18 bottles so I am not complaining. If you go to these stores do mention that you were recommended by the lady from California who promised to write about them online!

    • Woah Mandy!!!
      Thank you sooo much..I will be going to Bang in a couple of weeks!!!
      I will pick them and tell them the lady from California ,who promised to write about them online, recommended them!! 😛

  6. Wow Mandy.. Amazing job.. extremely useful info and very very helpful 🙂
    Am running to the Kolkata store anytime soon for sure 😀 Thanks a ton…

  7. Further to my above info about Kolkata: There a boat load of perfume/attar shops in and around Ezra St and Nakhoda Masjid. I spent an entire afternoon there and visited many stores but they were all dubious. One right next to the Lakshmi Bottle store sold my friend a bottle full of phenol with drops of perfume! Some like Asghar Ali Mohammed Ali nr the Nakhoda Masjid did not even have testers. After much persuasion they opened a tiny bottle to try and of course it was so diluted I could not smell a thing! In Mumbai I went to a street with rows of these attar stores and every single one was awful!
    So be very careful and don’t be misled by these crooks. Once you smell the good stuff you will never be fooled for sure, but I must say finding the good stuff was literally needle/haystack, it sure took a lot of energy!
    This trip to India, I shopped till I dropped! If anyone is interested, let me know and I will share my gems!

  8. Great experience Mandy for sure…you are a pro in identifying essential oil for sure 🙂 Thanks a lot for the tips :yes:

  9. hey Chetana..i feel so gud dat u r takin care of ur customers so well! Knowing prdcts always help, but wn i see a new prdct , i want info regarding.. Shpng frm ur site is always a delight minus dis:)

  10. Ana nw tell me which one i shd buy
    i’m confused between two hair mask
    Matrix Biolage Smooth Therapie Deep Smoothing Masque OR Matrix Biolage Hydra Therapie Hydra Cream??????????????????????????????? ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-)

  11. Can you please tell me where can I buy Rose hip seed oil and Primrose oil.
    I live in Mumbai and have been trying hard to get these… most chemists have not heard of Rose hip seed oil.. Please help. Thank You 🙂


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