Where to buy false eyelashes in India


Ritika Asks,

Hi there, I recently started checking out beauty blogs and Wiseshe is the place where I have found all the answers to the questions. I’d like to know where I can get false eye lashes in India. Hopefully, readers will provide me the best online shopping name.. Thank you.falsies-where to buy-suggestions

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  1. Vasicare has false lashes that’ available on almost every online website. Konad also has falsies and u can get them from urbantouch. Kryolan has an amazing collection but u may have to buy them from their store.

  2. try lashes from inglot…they range fron about 300 to 500 INR, and honestly thats a lot cheaper than mac nes. Only thing is that the adhesive that you have to buy along with it is 1000bucks!!
    If you want to shop from inglot online you can do that at majorbrands.in


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