Where To Buy Khadi Products In India


I have been getting many queries from readers asking for Khadi products stores located in and around India especially in Southern India.

What I know !

In Hyderabad I saw them in Hyderabad airport but the collection was really small and I have seen one or two products  in Hypercity too .

I will be glad if you people will  list down the stores which you are aware off.

Khadi Products in India

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  1. Hi Anamika,

    I have been a silent follower of your blog for more than 6 months now. And I simply love it!!
    I have bought Khadi products in Bangalore from the following stores:
    1. The Bombay Store currently located off the Inner Ring Road floyver, Domlur
    2. Mother Earth stores @ Mantri Mall Malleswaram and the one on Inner Ring Road (though the one on Inner Ring Road takes ages to get new stuff)
    I think these stores stock Khadi products in all their outlets.

    • Hi Vidhya..6 months and a silent reader? ..how did u resist talking to me ..lolz …just kidding..:)

      thanks for letting me know more about their where about it becomes difficult to let each and every one know where all the outlets are.this will help many 🙂

    • HI i am been looking for khadi products in bangalore but i am unable to get the same from any ayurvedic shop or mother earth stores can someone help me please..

  2. Hee Hee Zara and Anamika … I have been hooked onto the site ever since I started reading it!! I have been resisting nothing. My debit card may start resisting though the next time I use it to make any skin care purchase since its use has gone up after being a reader of this blog ;-). (By the way Anamika I am the same Vidya who had contacted you during the blog sale for the Lakme Lip Love lipstick). Thanks for the warm welcome Zara and Anamika. I always felt this blog is like ghar ka khaana – it makes you feel at home – relaxed and comfortable. The warmth is infectious!

  3. nahi kathi doesnt have khadi …its available only on the airport that too very little stock 🙁 Mits no option other than retailmart :duh:

  4. hi anamika..
    even i’ve been reading ur blog for sum 1-2 months now..i dont have full time internet in office. so dont get a chance to access it most of the time..but on weekends, i do browse through the site..
    i must say everyone here is very friendly n helpful.. 🙂 🙂
    by the way, wen had u started wiseshe ?

  5. Theres a mother earth store in kolkata .Let me check if khadi products r available there. Anamika wat shampoo should i get for my dry hair ?What r ur suggestions for a cream and toner and a conditioner?

    • mmm i am not a big fan till now of khadi products indirani..they don suit me 🙁 but check out their face packs which zee reviewed she did manage to find some good products.

  6. Hey Anamika!
    I am bit confused about the best pure Amla power can you please suggest me something related to my premature greying.


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