Which Acne Cream Is Best


Nkita asks

I considered myself lucky but now monsters have attacked me . plz suggest me a good cream for acne?



which acne cream is the best


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  1. Acne cream ?? I’d suggest you to go see a dermatologist and get a prescription before it ruins your face with hit and trials. Acne is a curable thing, you just need to get hold of it. If you are having occasional breakouts of a couple of pimples, you may try salicylic acid cleanser, coupled with deriva-CMS (adapalene plus clindamycin) on the areas of pimples. If your acne is cystic/ infected . . get yourself a course of antibiotic like azithromycin/ doxycycline !

    Hope it helps.

  2. if you have oily skin..put pure sandalwood paste with little turmeris.if you have dry skin try kumkumadi tailam which is available in ayurvedic shops.

  3. Instead of trying different home remedies, anti acne creams and then meeting a derma, it is better to visit a derma asap so that ur acne reduces within few weeks.. my personal experience.. 🙁

  4. Since my teenage I’ve use Pernox Gel and it has worked with me and many others whom I suggested this.
    My doc sis had given it to me. There are 2 verieties, one a mild [2.5] and another a stronger one [5.0 I think] Follow instructions on the pack/paper inside. It works everytime.


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