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Aya asks

I am 23 and have pimples popping up every now and then.Is there face wash, cream, treatment which has worked for you allthe time or has done wonders for you.?



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  1. I bought this clean and clear face wash from London and it has worked wonders for my skin.. Also.. The himalaya neem face pack. Once a week shows amazing results. 😀

    Would love to read others’ stories too 🙂

  2. it is better to visit a derma.. my skin is oily prone and sensitive.. no face wash is as best as cetaphil.. but derma can guide u better.. i was using differin cream.. it was good.. bt nw my derma has given a solution.. it is much better than differin.. instead of experimenting many products on ur skin, better stick to what derma says.. :-)) himalaya neem foaming face wash was good at reducing my black heads but it has nothing to do with my pimples.. :reallyangry:

  3. I have used Erytop for years now. It works on pimples but not on blemishes and pimple marks. I tries acne cream from Vaadi. I ordered it online. Its an inexpensive product worth rs 45 but itsreally helpful. I am using it for 15 days and have got rid of my pimples. I am still using it for blemishes and marks now. Its a herbal product and is safe to use 🙂

  4. As someone who has really suffered from acne in my 20’s (acne skipped my teens), I have tried a hell lot of things. The best suggestion, if you have a really severe problem, visit a dermatologist. I know of a very good doc in delhi. he is almost a magician!
    For the occasional acne bouts, use a combination of multani mitti, lemon juice and rose water as a face pack everyday, judiciously, it works wonders!
    The biotique clove pack is also quite effective when applied concentrated on the pimples.
    Try to sleep with a clean face and preferable without any creams or moisturizer. If your skin is very dry, try a small amount of alovera gel or calamine lotion!
    Infact, I use calamine lotion as a base for anything and everything: sunscreens,makeup etc.

  5. what worked for me.. clean and clear facewash, blackhead scrub and acne gel and himalaya acne and pimple cream.n neem scrub.. but the secret is not to wash frequently and dry out the skin.. and keep hands away from face … 🙂

  6. I have and still get acne!

    1) Go to a dermatologist. There are many causes for acne which need attention. Sometimes antibiotics as well
    2) Use a mild face cleanser. I love Fash Foamy face wash. Cleans oil, no dryness and has reduced my acne
    3) Use non oily moisturizer like Emolene. Or ask your doctor to suggest one
    4) Don’t wash your face more than 2 times a day! As told by my dermatologist. Once in your bath, once evening/night.
    5) Avoid touching your face. If its a mannerism, try to curb it. Touching things, shaking hands with people, eating food..and taking those hands to face- you transfer a lot of microbes to your face this way
    6) If you have acne, active pimples, for the love of God, don’t pop them. Don’t let the parlorwali touch them. Popping them leaves pits and scars which take ages to heal

  7. Ana , i have a combination skin, my T zone is oily. I usually get one two pimples on forehead. This time I was in Dubai in summer and I came back with lots of pimples over entire face. I used Erytop first but it did not heal my post pimple marks. Vaadi anti acne cream works on pimples well. I won’t suggest it on acute/severe pimple problems but surely it does wonders on day to day , here and there pimples 🙂 . If you wish , i will send you a review of this cream n also some of the steps i followed to get rid of them 🙂 . Good night, cya tomorrow 🙂 !!

  8. Sure Ana. I will do it today 🙂 . I always try to use herbal skin products. They don’t harm also, even if they do no good , hence a safe bet.


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