White chick peas/Bengal gram/chole /chana/Punjabi chole instant recipe


I am not that fond of chick peas but when made in this style and accompanied with bhature /bhatoora I just relish it.This recipe is quick and many Indian restaurants follow this recipe . I learnt the recipe from one of the cook only. He made relishing Punjabi chick peas and I especially called him from the restaurant kitchen and asked him for the recipe. Cook was really happy and gave me the recipe without any hesitation.Later on I tried this recipe and it tasted exactly like the restaurant one.

Ingredients (For 2 people)

1 cup chick peas
2 medium tomato puree
1tsp chopped ginger
2 tea bags
3tbsp of oil
1tsp of cumin seeds
1 tbsp. of gram flour
1 chopped green chilli
1tsp of coriander powder
1/2tsp black salt(optional)
1 tsp. of salt(or according to taste but in this dish gram flour requires little more salt)
Chilli powder (according to taste)
1/2 tsp. of garma masala
1 tsp. of mango powder (amchur)
1tsp ginger paste


Take 4 cups of water and boil it with 2 tea bags. Add the chick peas and soak it for 6-7 hours or overnight. When soaked for this time chick peas will get double in size. Boil chick peas using pressure cooker on high heat when soaked for 6-7 hours.Add chopped ginger and pressure cook it for about 10 minutes.

Take a pan and add oil in it.
Add cumin seeds and gram flour into it .Stir fry for few seconds.
Add tomato puree and stir fry again till it start leaving the oil
Add coriander powder, black salt ,chilli powder and stir fry for another minute.
Add salt and black salt according to taste.
Add chick peas and let it heat for about 10 minutes.
In the end add garam masala and amchur powder.
Add 1/2 cup water if you need little gravy.
For best taste let it cook for 20 minutes on low heat
Garnish them with fried green chillies .Enjoy it with instant bhatura/bhatoora. To know the recipe of bhatoora click here.

Kitchen notes:-

1.Use same water while pressure cooking them in which you have soaked the chick peas to retain the black color.

2.If you forget to soak chick peas in boiled tea water then you can add tea bags in the pressure cooker while boiling chick peas to get black color.

3.Use black tea bags and not green tea one.



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