Skin Whitening Cosmetics – Wise She Cosmetic Dicitonary

Whitening Cosmetics comes in natural as well as in chemical cosmetics form.Used in beauty treatments to lighten the skin.Cosmetic whitening creams , lotions , face packs and many other things have been in used or since ancient time. 

 Along with their high demand and popularity skin whitening products have been in lot controversy too because of its long term impact on health . Skin whitening agent target the melanin pigment in this skin epidermis, break down or inhibit melanin formation and render the pigment colorless.Because of this reason skin starts to look lighter than what it normally does.Result is generally more visible on dark skin people.

Whitening cosmetics are used by fair skin people to get rid of freckles or lightening of age spots or to even out the skin pigmentation.

Skin whitening products are not considered that safe to use because some of the whitening cosmetics may contain harmful chemicals like hydroquinone and clobetasol propionate.

Hydroquinone can sometime product blue -back splotches and can even suppress the natural body steroids which can result in problems like hypertension.It can also result in permanently bleached skin, blotchy skin or can make the skin prone to irritation.

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  1. none of the thing is true….:d:d

    i m not lying ..otherwise y will i get all those pimple creams and pimple cure face packs..think think think ..

    and makeup artist not really..i click pics in a better way 😛

  2. hmm….my problem is weird yaar….my skin's healing mechanism is just stupid…it apparently heals by pigmentation…so i have post acne inflamation marks or so as per my derm!!!! acne is no prob for me..just those marks after that and they are so stubborn that they take months and months to fade completely…


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