How to Whiten Teeth?


How to whiten Teeth

I remember as a child I was a fan of Madhuri Dixit’s 100 Watt smile and now after all these years when I see that her endorsing a famous toothbrush brand for the perfect sparkling teeth…I see her as the best brand ambassador who could justify the brand…!

Teeth are a vital part of a person’s image and actually capable of forming a lasting impression on other people. People with beautiful smile and pearly teeth have a certain level of confidence in them and this is what sets them apart from others.

A sparkling set of teeth is everyone’s priority and in the recent time all that matters is the way a person projects himself/herself before others irrespective of the field in which they are active.


teeth whitening


Clean and de-stained teeth are indicators of your well groomed personality. Well, crystal clear teeth are a distant dream in the age of junk food and carbonated drinks. The changed lifestyle & eating habits have largely affected the texture of teeth and their pearly white color.

Getting your teeth bleached by the dentist is not the last resort for highly stained teeth, as it can weaken your tooth enamel; instead there are other methods too which can aid you to whiten your teeth at your convenience.

Here we will discuss some of the most common things which can help in achieving a healthy & white set of teeth.

Proper Dental Care-

The first most important point which will help you in getting desired results for your teeth is a proper & regular dental care regime. This includes proper brushing your teeth two times a day and flossing so that the food particles which are left over between the spaces of your teeth come out and don’t cause any cavity. Along with these, there is also a need to use a good mouthwash liquid so that you are free from bad breath problems.


proper dental care



It is particularly important as several food items like chocolates, cakes and other sweetened items tend to stick to the surface of the teeth, which may hinder the process of saliva production, so they are rinsed away by lukewarm water after the consumption of these food items. It is a very important tip that will lessen teeth problems to a great extent and will eventually help in getting a perfect smile.




Dairy food products-

Consumption of products made from milk like cheese, yoghurt will strengthen the tooth enamel and prevent any decay in them. Cheese is also believed to help n teeth whitening.

Kitchen supplies-

Kitchen supplies like lemon and salt are very good teeth whitening agents and one can witness visible difference in teeth color with the regular use of these two things.


kitchen supplies


Avoid caffeine-

Extensive use of caffeine can damage the health of teeth and is responsible for teeth staining. Avoid taking too much tea & coffee so as to attain healthy white set of teeth.

Eat fruits & vegetables-

The intake of fruits & vegetables help in strengthening the gums as well as keep the teeth protected from staining as many fruits are known to consist of acids which work against teeth staining. Foe instance, citrus fruits like oranges, lemon, gooseberry are very rich source of vitamin C and they help in keeping teeth problems far away.


eat fruits & vegetables


Teeth whitening supplies-

There are some laboratory made supplies like baking soda & hydrogen peroxide which are commonly known de-staining agents for teeth. They can be ideally used over highly stained teeth to have pearl white set of teeth. These are synthetic compounds and can have side effects so it is better to take advice from your dentist before opting for these methods of teeth whitening.

Stay away from junk food-

These days junk food are quite a hit among people of all ages but it is very important o know that how much damage they cause to our healthy teeth. The use of refined flour in these items is the biggest woe to dental health as it tends to stick in the cavities of the teeth and decays which in turn hamper the healthy gums and starts creating teeth problems. Similarly, carbonated drinks tend to degrade the tooth enamel making it weaker and prone to decay and eventual damage.


avoid junk food


Avoid nicotine & alcohol-

This is a common problem in males as they are more into having nicotine by smoking or chewing tobacco and consuming alcohol. These things are very much responsible for staining of the teeth in males so it is better to stay away from these items in order to have sparkling white teeth.


avoid nicotine & alcohol


So, with these important points at your knowledge, you can always have healthy and crystal white smile to add to your pleasing personality.

What measured do you take to keep your teeth white and clean?

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  1. As a dentist i wont recommend d use of lemon on teeth..coz lemons contain citric acid which is. responsible for causing teeth b careful galss..


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