Who Can Wear Orange?


Who Can Wear Orange?

Orange has become the new black! As I see an array of stunning looks in Orange on red carpet events and fashion events, I am even more convinced! Orange is not an easy shade to carry. It needs a vision & proper style understanding to be able to enjoy this shade and look admirable.

Lakme Orange tease lip swatch

Imagine yourself picking an orange outfit or a stunning tangy orange lipstick. All you observe is that you have suddenly grabbed all the eye balls towards yourself. It not in a good way to be admired but in a way that is not too flattering! 😉  :-p

colorbar orange punch lip swatches

We have seen many women wearing orange which most of the time lacks styling with proper accessories or makeup. Then there are so many other women who love orange to the core but simply cannot wear these. Just because they lack a sense of comfort carrying such bold and bright shades as per their overall appearance! So taking cues from the famous style icons and celebrities, today we are unveil some of the best kept secrets or tips for orange lovers to make them easy to wear such stunning shades.

Orange outfits As per Skin Tone-

Talking about one of the most essential criteria which strongly rules how the shade of orange is going to look on you is the complexion or skin tone to which you belong! It is commonly observed that very pale and medium dark skin tones are the most comfortable ones who can carry a stunning orange outfit effortlessly. Only thing that pale and medium dark skin tones need to be aware of is that they choose a complimenting makeup to go well with the overall orange look so as to make the look little more flattering!

orange dress skin tone

Olive to dark skin tones need to prefer the shades like tangerine, coral orange, mango, red-orange and burnt orange! If you are blessed with too deep skin color than muddy orange shade will possibly wash out your skin tone and not look that happening! It is better to stick to a little brighter hues of orange and rock the orange! :yes:

Beyonce dressed on orange

Orange Lipsticks As per Skin tone-

Now coming to makeup, lets talk about who can wear an orange lipstick! There is a strong opinion for bright and vivid orange hues to be aptly suitable for the paler skin tones! The warm orange or tangy orange red hues of lipstick will be universally suitable for the medium and dusky skin tones and will look differently on them based on their skin tones! Pale skin tones should opt for the brightest orange or coral orange hues while the olive skin tones should stick to the warm toned orange lipsticks with hints of red in it to look perfect on their dusky complexion!

orange lipstick skin tone

So, next time if you are in a dilemma while picking anything in orange do make sure to remember these points and you can make an instant decision as to whether the particular shade of orange is meant for you or not! As simple as that! :yes:

Have you tried picking anything orange lately?

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