Whole Body Ubtan


Beauty attracts every one and all of us want to look beautiful. It is important to take care of your beauty. Glow of your skin defines your beauty. Skin should be taken care of according to the season. You will not use oil on your skin during summer season as you know this will lead to acne problems or rashes no matter what type of skin you have. Similarly your skin won’t prefer soaps in all the season. How can the same soap take away dirt and extra moisture from your skin in summers and yet retain that moisture in winters?

People have become addicted to using soap and making a paste and using it daily is a cumbersome activity for them. If you take out even 10 minute extra from your daily schedule and make the paste mentioned below, you will not need any other expensive cream for your body. This is a very effective Ubtan(Paste) and if used twice or thrice a week will give you a smooth and shiny skin. This ubtan is far better than soap and cheaper too.
½ Cup
Besan(Gram flour)
1 tea spoon
Chandan Powder(Sandal powder or sandal wood powder)
2 tea spoon Glycerin
1 teaspoon Turmeric powder
1 teaspoon
Gulab Jal(Rose essence)
Half Lemon juice
½ tea spoon milk

Mix all the above ingredients and make a paste. If you think you need a thick paste you can add more besan and conversely if a light paste is needed you can add more glycerin into it. In winters you can add mustard oil into it instead of glycerin. You can also add rose essence or any other essence of your choice for fragrance.
Just put it on whole body and when dried scrub a bit and wash it off with warm or cold water according to your preference.
ubtan will remove all the dirt from your body and will provide nutrition to your skin. Your skin color will lighten up and it will glow and shine as well. There is no comparison of any expensive soap with this Ubtan.


  1. I used green mung flour n it works. but another problem is I used sandalpack(sandal powder,multanimi..,calamine,kaolin) coz I cant find pure sandal P .can I use it rgularly instead of pure san.. pow..

  2. yes sweety u can coz tradionlly(ancient age) ubtan was prepd frm grains,flowers,spieces,driedherbs,oils,milk,malai,dahi,ghi,gulabjal,etc.n it provides complete protection 2 skin coz at that time there were no beauty pro(makeup,moist.,toner,sunblock) are available.

  3. hey mah hands r brown n I want it to be fair lyk mah skin . …..cn I get dat fair hand by using ubtan …….plzzzzzzzzzzzz tl me….

  4. Hi just want to find out that when I put upton on my face I can’t Seam to get it off is they anything I can do plz . And I’ve got a very bad tan is they a way I can get read of it tanks

  5. hii…bcoz of my sick health my skin get dark..i want my fair skin back..wat do i do?..m just so tensed regarding my skin…i was fair but now my skin complexion get dark..i use homemade ubtan daily made of sarsoo..can it helps me to improve my skin colour…plz tell me the ri8 choice or tips to get my fair skin colour back…


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