Why Do I Have Thick Toenails?


Why Do I Have Thick Toenails?

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I have recently been very obsessed by my feet, and have been focusing a lot on my foot-care regimen. You must have read my last posts on how to use a foot file and how to remove foot callus, and today I am back with another post on caring for your feet, and issues related to toe nails!

Though each one of us loves flaunting bright-painted, healthy and strong toe nails all year long, but keeping your nails glowing, clean and neatly trimmed can get really difficult if you are suffering from thick toe nails. I have suffered a lot, on account of my thick nails; and as an experienced sufferer, I am here to tell you all about causes and remedies for thick toenails.

thick toe nail

What Causes Thick Toe Nails?

Nail Trauma

Nail trauma is a very common reason for your toe-nails to get thicker and difficult to manage. It does not happen only when something heavy drops on your nails, your nails can get traumatized even when you constantly keep your feet bound in tight shoes which make things uncomfortable for your nail bed. As a result the nail bed gets disoriented and leads to thickening of your nails.

wearing tight shoes

Foot Injury

Foot injuries have been seen to cause thickening of nails in quite some cases. Especially those people who dance in tight, closed shoes (ballerina shoe types) or are into foot-sports like soccer or football are more prone to thick toe-nails which can be really painful, and not to forget unsightly. But the good part is this that this kind of nail thickening is quite temporary and will get healthier as soon as the injury is healed.

Poor Blood Circulation

Lack of proper blood circulation is a very common issue which leads to thickening of nails pretentiously. Reasons behind poor circulation are many, but the most common of all is Diabetes which decreases the blood flow to the lower part of your body brazenly. What diabetes basically does is it makes the blood flow to the lower part of your body, especially the feet, very hard and cause severe damage to the digits thereby the skin on the toes deteriorates in quality, thus the quality of nails also deteriorates. The main impact thick toe nails!

Fungal Infection

Nail thickening due to fungal infection on the toe-nails is one of the most common reasons! Onychomycosis or fungus infection on the toe nails is the most prevalent cause for thick toe-nails, which is accompanied with yellowing nail bed, curled nails, and split-nails. Along with fungal infections, bacterial infections are another cause for thick toe nails which are generally accompanied by in-grown nails and damaged nail-bed.

fungal infection

Skin Conditions

Ill-kept skin which is undergoing various skin diseases like eczema or psoriasis is more prone to get the dead skin surrounding the nail bed to get inflamed and, or irritated which trust me, can get really painful. The worst part about nail thickening due to this cause is that if proper care and attention is not provided to the damaged nail, the condition will worsen and get really uncomfortable.

The best way to keep your nails soft, strong and healthy, is to treat any nail disease is to start treating it as soon as you get hold of the cause!

Are you too suffering from thick toe-nails? Hopefully not!

Take care!

Did you know these reasons for thick toenails?

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