Why Every Girl Relates To The Movie Queen


Why Every Girl Relates To The Movie Queen

The movie ruled the box office and millions of hearts! I remember while watching this flick I was in tears several times. As if someone put the story of your life on the 70mm screen. It touched me deep in the soul as to how beautifully some emotions and incidents can be depicted to show it to the world.

queen the movie

With the brilliant star cast and direction, the movie swept the best titles at all the major award shows and no one was left heart broken with its tremendous success! 🙂

The movie has several heart touching incidents which I swear to god are just so true and almost every middle class girl must have gone through it in their lives. I wanted to put my views as to how and why every girl relates to the movie Queen!

Being The Good Girl

good girl queen movie

Every girl wants to be good to her parents & friends around and being the responsible child. Telling lies, cheating in studies or wooing boys by wearing short skirts is certainly not their thing to do. Instead being good spoken, obeying parent’s wish is more dear to the protagonist and this is what most Indian girls do in their lives. That is the major point where all girls relate with Rani’s ideology that she never did a single wrong thing in their life! 🙂

Being The Ideal Wife-Material

queen movie kangana

Queen depicts this strong point so beautifully that it is heart breaking for many to see how the perfect wife-material girl suddenly turns someone who won’t match to the standards of her fiance just because he stayed a year in London while she was still in Rajouri, Delhi doing what she always did. Girls in most of the middle class families are taught to behave in conservative environment where she can’t dance if her fiance doesn’t like nor can she do a job of her choice even if she scored a whopping percentage of marks in college.

Girls who are too open are not “Good”

queen movie girls

It is a very common notion in many middle class girls that those girls who party a lot or flirt around with guys are not good girls! Well, defining a good or bad character is certainly easy but the person as a whole may not be judged just because some girl loves to have fun in her own way! Rani first considers that being too open is not a good thing but later realizes that all her life just went in pleasing and keeping others happy of her conduct and then also was dumped by her fiance one day before her marriage.

Girls are too dependent on their Partner

dominating boy queen

Another area of relation with Rani’s character is that middle class girls too are too dependent on their would be partners which just goes in vain. They don’t do a job because that may de-mean the ego of their partner! They don’t learn to drive just because their partner is capable of. They can’t laugh out loudly or dance like they wish to. They can’t wear revealing clothes even once in a while as that would snatch away the “Good Girl” factor from their personality.

Siblings accompany Grown up girls

Commonly seen in so many middle class families is that they send a younger sibling along with a grown up girl just to satisfy their minds that their girl is not going alone. I am not against it and can’t explain it as I myself lived with this when I had no boyfriend to meet and had to just attend a friend’s (girl) birthday party just few blocks away from my house! :-p

When a boy rejects, nobody complains!

One of the striking similarities is that if a boy rejects a girl there is no issue and everything gets settled slowly but it is not the same with a girl. Boys change when they come in the comfortable zone of a boyfriend or fiance and tend to boss around the girl over matters like job, studies etc. Even the family supports the boys wish as if the girl is no more their daughter.

good girl queen

Well, these were my views about the movie and being from the same conservative background I was more emotional while watching it for being lucky enough to not end up heart broken like Rani! 🙂

If you still haven’t seen it, please go watch it!

How do you relate with the Movie Queen?

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  1. Irrrrraaaaa I just watched d movie yesterday AGAIN!!! I agree with everything u wrote n its really a brilliant movie with simple, unadulterated emotions..

    • Wow..i have also kept it in my lappy and watch it every now and then! I am you liked it..it is surely a movie one should see in a lifetime! 🙂

  2. I agree with the points except the sibling wala 😛 bt I am sure that it happens too. May be my siblings were not that protective 😀

    • Yess Maits it does happen..I was dong my MBA when my bro used to accompany me! well not out of protective attitude but bcz then parents felt relieved…I never complained to this ever!! 🙂

  3. Seriously! completely relate to the movie <3

    Especially when she says to her friend "tum sab log ek din aisa fasoge " i remember giving advise to my friends like that considering the "Good" girl i was lol

    • hehe..me too still used to give these one liners..but now i don’t say anything to them..their life..their choice.. ;-p

      I was even considered narrow minded when I used to say anything about so many bfs & infatuations every now and then..so I stopped discussing it…

  4. I can completely relate to the movie, loved it soo much, kangna stole my heart away, n i can relate to her fiancee too, i could actually see my ex in him, the dialogue u remember, at the end when he meets n says maine abhi tak khana bhi nehi khaya , i felt like thnk god i no more have such a loser in my life anymore :p

    • I think the boyfriend part is so apt in Indian context…really they scare the hell out of you once you say yes to the relation! and such boys are always dumped for the best! I have seen many girls around me! 🙁
      I thank god for the no ex chapter in my life!! One boy and still d same! 🙂

      No one other than Kangana could have portrayed it so perfectly! 🙂

  5. fabulously described every instance…. QUEEN is that one movie with which most women relate…. I know as a school kid thinking other school girls bad, because they uses to wear minis in the name of uniform ” Thank God I grew up and now i don’t think so”… my bro used to go along even to a near stationery and he is 7 years younger to me….

    Imagine if i would ever got into trouble, it would have become double trouble because then i will need to protect myself and my bro too…. such lol and lol incidents we women have in our school and college days.


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