Why Is Concealer Important For Every Woman


Why Is Concealer Important For Every Woman

Concealer is an indispensable makeup product. Whether you use layers of foundation as concealer or use a variety of shades for different areas of face, you need to have something that helps conceal the problem spots. If you run out of concealer, just apply a drop of foundation on problem areas, wait for it to dry a little and then blend lightly.

A concealer is a miracle product. It covers marks, redness, dark circles, pimples and scars or any other problem areas on skin. If you are still not convinced then read on to find out Why Is Concealer Important For Every Woman-

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Brightens Eyes

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Whether you have really bad dark circles or just slight discoloration around eyes, a concealer is must for brighter eyes. For light darkness around eyes, just apply a concealer that is one shade lighter than your natural complexion. If your dark circles are really prominent, a peach concealer is your best bet. Cancel the darkness by applying a peach concealer/corrector on the darkness and top up with a brightening concealer one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Blend well and you will be surprised by your beautiful peepers looking even more attractive.

A Great Base

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Concealer works amazingly well as base for your eye shadows. You do not need to buy eye primers separately. Apply a layer of concealer on your eyelids and set with powder. Now your eye shadows will show up really well and they will last longer.

Augments Lip Color

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If you want the true color of your lipstick show up on your lips, prime them with a thin layer of concealer. It not only makes lips pop but also makes lip color last longer. Concealer also is a great help in correcting any mistakes that you end up making while applying lipstick. Just touch up the spots where the lipstick goes out of lip line. This is especially in case of dark lip colors.

Different Colors for different uses

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A pink concealer is used to hide blue and purple areas on face. A green concealer is used to cover any redness. Do follow these concealers with your concealer for a flawless look. Then move on to foundation. Make sure that you set concealer with powder or it might crease.

Contouring and highlighting

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A concealer 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone is great for contouring your face. A concealer that has brightening properties and is a little lighter than your complexion can double up as a subtle highlighter.

DIY Tinted Moisturiser

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A concealer half or maximum one shade darker than your skin tone can be used to make your own TM. Mix your regular moisturiser with concealer and there you have your very own shade of tinted moisturiser.

Make your decolletage look better

Just like you contour your face, you can contour your collarbones with concealers. The contours of the collarbones need to be swiped with a darker concealer. The lighter concealer goes on the bone. Blend well and rock that sexy decolletage.

Concealer goes second

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It is better to apply concealer after you are done with your foundation. This way you will need less concealer and get good coverage. But if you do use a color correcting concealer then it will be better to cover it with your skin tone concealer first and then follow up with a foundation.

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