Why Should We Use Hair Serum?


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Have you seen that Livon Serum on your television screen? Me too! But why use a hair serum? Conditioners already condition our hair and there are so many leave-in-conditioners nowadays but do we still need a hair serum for that added shine? Then what are shine sprays for? To answer all your queries, here I am with the answer of the most popular question – Why should I use a hair serum? Check out!

Why Should We Use Hair Serums?

Detangles: After shampoo, if your hair feels tangled and no detangler can prevent it from breakage, dab a coat of hair serum on it and then leave it for 10 minutes. Then comb and see the magic!

Softens: One of the primary uses of hair serum is to soften hair strands. Hair serum penetrates into the strands and makes hair soft and smooth. It also gives a shine to the hair.

Seals in moisture: Hair serum locks in moisture in the hair and makes hair nourished. If your hair serum hair Argan Oil in it, it will give intense nourishment.

Prevents breakage: If your hair breaks because of dryness issues, then hair serum can save your day. It makes hair shaft stronger which prevents breakage.

Protects: A hair serum protects your hair from the harmful damage of the sun and also from heating tools. If you apply a layer of serum on your hair strands, it will make sure that it is less damaged.

Tames hair: If you have curly or frizzy hair (like me) then a hair serum is your best friend. Apply a layer of serum tames frizzy hair and makes your hair manageable and tamed.

A boon for bad hair day: We don’t have a good hair day every day, right? Well for those bad hair days when nothing is right for your tresses, a hair serum is. Apply one coat of hair serum and then tie up your hair in a braid or bun. It will make it look softer and smoother like other days. Rescue!

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  1. Mujhy aaj tak yehi lagta tha ki serum sirf de tangle aur pollution se bachaane k liye hota hai
    Thanks for information


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