Why street vendor juices are bad for health and more

 By Ishika,
Fruits and vegetables provide many essential vitamins and minerals. Additionally, higher intakes of fruits and vegetables are associated with healthier lives. Vegetables especially have the antioxidants, minerals, and phytochemical in the correct combination that help keep the blood sugar in balance, create better energy in the body, and along with fruits build up the immune system.
Once the fruits and vegetables were ready for harvest, they are handled by several different pairs of hands in the fields and orchards, then in the warehouses, in the grocery store,and also by the vendors. So they need to be washed in fresh water before eating to remove bacteria, dirt and chemical residues that may be lurking on them.
The best way to eat fruits and vegetables in their natural form. But we can also extract their juice and have it fresh or have packaged/tinned healthy juices. These artificial juices are made from synthetic devices, artificial colors and some other ingredients. But their processing and canning procedures, destroys most of the important nutrients and cannot compensate for fresh juices. 
It is advisable not to have fruits or vegetables in juice/raw available at different shops due to number of reasons:
1. It is not only prepared in unhygienic conditions but also contains infectious germs and bacteria which is harmful for the body.
2. The juicers, mixers and other utensils are prone to infection as they are not washed properly. We cannot be assured that the juice vendor has washed his hands before taking out the juice .
3. The shop vendors don’t pay much attention and often the seeds and hard skin gets crushed with the juice and spoils the taste.
4. Sometimes, the juice sellers mix the freshly extracted juices with the stale one making it harmful for body.
5. Generally the juice vendors cut the fruits and vegetables in advance and they are kept in open which exposes them to flies and insects, dust and dirt making it harmful for the body.
As compared to vegetables, the number of fruits available which have high juice content is more. Vegetables like onion, lemon, bitter-gourd, cucumber, tomato,carrot, garlic, beetroot, basil, mint, spinach etc are rich in water content which can be to prevent and cure number of health problems. Fruits like orange,papaya, wood-apple, apple, pineapple, banana, coconut, pomegranate, grapes, mangoes, lichis, sugarcane, musk-melon,sweet-lime, watermelon, guava, cherry, apricots, peaches on the other hand are highly nutritious and are enriched with sugar, vitamins-A,B, C,D,E which help in formation and excretion of enzymes, amino acids and other essential elements required for the body.
Besides raw form, fruits can be had in dried form too. Dry fruits like chestnut, dry grapes, figs, almonds, date, dried apricot have less water but are rich in proteins and sugar and have more oily content which make them unsuitable for people suffering from diabetes, hypertension and others chronic disorders. At times they are not within the reach of common man due to high price associated with them.
There is a different class of vegetables popularly known as greens or leafy vegetables. Children and young generation keep running away from them as they are ignorant about how helpful they are for the body. Green vegetables are low in calories and fat, high in protein per calorie, high in dietary fiber, high in iron and calcium, and very high in phytochemicals such as vitamin C, carotenoids,lutein and folic acid as well as Vitamin K. Leaves of bathu, mustard, radish, spinach, chaulai, cabbage, bitter-gourd, coriander, mint can be used in their natural form, can be mixed with other vegetables or by extracting juices.
Every fruit and vegetable has its own nutritional value and helps our body in some way or the other if used in correct form.
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