Why To Choose Mineral Powder

Mineral powder is manufactured by finely crushing minerals which include titanium dioxide and zine oxide.Titanium oxide has a high refratcive index which is quite powerful in abosorbing ultra violt rays which damages the skin and leads to premature again .In worst case it leads to skin cancer as well.
Similarly zinc oxide also have a high refractive index and antibacterial properties.It provides UVA and UVB protection which sooth the skin.Zinc oxide is added to treat various ointment also to soothe the skin.
Those who have acne prone sensitive skin,zinc oxide helps in covering the acne as well as treat the skin too.
Because of the above qualities mineral powder is considered safe over any typical foundation liquid.
Mineral foundation does not clog pores and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or dye.They have no preservative and fragrance and are complelty non allergic and anti-bacterial.
It conceals blemishes and even out the skin tones by giving it a natural apperance.It is quite easy to apply it and is more easy to remove it as well.
Ofrocurse there are some draw backs too in using mineral powder.All mineral powder are not made from 100% mineral ingredient even if the packaging claims that.Many of the powder contain talc as one of its ingredient which is not that safe but is considered as  mineral only.
Applying it is quite easy as long as one foucses on light dusting .Remember to tap your brush on the jar so that excess powder can be removed.Suitable in summer harsh weather it solves out many of the summer make up issues.

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  1. Rentu Mineral product though most of the time are safe it might be the product which u had used was not 100% mineral..Try Body shop ..My skin is acne prone and oily at this time and their products suits me well.


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