Why To Invest In Duo Fiber Brushes MAC 188 & Sigma F50?


Why To Invest In Duo Fiber Brushes MAC 188 & Sigma F50?

Hello Wise She Beauties,

I am here with a different post this time which I have been thinking to share since long.  However, something kept me occupied and I completely forgot about it. So now lets have a talk about it!

As you all know makeup accessories are as important as the makeup products in enhancing the looks of a woman. You cannot achieve a great and flawless makeup unless you invest in the right product which promise of superb quality, even if that costs a little much.

So when you are not going to compromise on the makeup products then makeup accessories should be  included as well in it. Now it is important to understand that a flawless makeup can only be achieved with the right makeup products along with the right  makeup accessories.

So, here I will be sharing my thoughts over two of my favorite makeup brushes and why I think that investing in these brushes is a wise decision for makeup lovers.

what duo fiber brush which you must buy

Lets know a little about each of these brushes-

MAC 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush-

Price- INR 2300

This Duo Fibre Face Brush is a blend of goat and synthetic fibre brush with a flat top circular brush. The brush is small in size than the Sigma Duo Fibre F50 brush.


This is basically a multipurpose brush although the smaller size is a little consuming while applying foundation but given the fact that it serves more than any other foundation brush, I would definitely pick this one! I usually find makeup application, which includes, liquid foundation, powder blush, powder highlighter etc. quite an easy task with this brush as it is just perfectly sized for applying on the cheeks and the nose.

The ultra soft bristles are really capable of giving a clean seep look without any flaws.

Sigma Duo Fibre F50 Brush-

Price– $23

Another cult favorite brush which I truly adore is this one from Sigma which I got a year ago from Black Friday Sales. It is actually bigger in size than the MAC 188 Duo Fibre Brush but it is surely one of the brushes  without which I cannot imagine applying makeup.

sigma duo fibre f50 brush reviews

This brush from Sigma is a 19cm long brush and it is quite sturdy to use and carry along for years. The handle is really smooth and seamless and the golden clamp makes it really tempting for every makeup addict to include in their vanity.

This is surely one of the most classy makeup brushes to own. The brush has very soft bristles and the brush head has a triangular form which expands outwards. The tight metal band makes the brush look denser. The outgoing white brushes are more evenly spaced out and don’t seem to be rough or scratchy at all.

This Sigma brush can be used in multiple ways to give a flawless makeup. One can ideally use it to apply powder over foundation to help it in setting and give a finishing touch. It can also be used to apply blush & bronzer. Using pigmented blushes with this brush is far more easy as it will never pick up much product and will give a uniform look without making it look over the top.

One of the best features of this brush is that it doesn’t soaks much foundation and dries up a lot faster than other Sigma brushes.

Well, I hope I have been able to convince you all that how these two Duo Fibre Brushes are my staple makeup brushes at any given point and that I really use both of these brushes quite frequently to apply my makeup.

I hope you liked this post and if you have any queries regarding the brushes please do let me know in the comments! 🙂

Have you tried these Duo Fibre Brushes from MAC & Sigma?

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  1. I have the Mac 188…have not used it at all, no time to apply foundation…. But planning to use during functions.. 🙂 Do I need F50 wala sigma brush or the flat top kabuki will be good ??

  2. By using these brushes we are encouraging cosmetic company’s to kill animals..pls dnt use such ccosmetics or makeup accessories…

  3. I have a F80, quite like it though as I prefer brushes with shorter length. F50 sounds gorgeous to me, wish I had bought this one 🙁

  4. Using makeup brushes is an art on its own. Ryt control n knowledge is imp. Just by holding it n painting the face won’t do. Beautiful brushes to invest Anamika. Thanks for bringing these to notice. Love the pics.

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