Why You Must Join IWB Weight Loss Program?


Why You Must Join IWB Weight Loss Program?

Winters are here and so are kitchens smelling great with hot gajar ka halwa, kachoris, poori aaloo and what not…. though we say that summer bodies are made in winters, yet the most difficult task in Indian homes is to control ever broadening waistlines. This is the time when we Indians sleep every night with a promise that tomorrow morning we are going to control our weight…and every morning begins with the hot sugar laden Tulsi masala chai. This is what it is….almost every overweight Indian’s sad story. Then comes the google search for weight loss programs…. am I right or am I right!!

Well, if you too are the food tormented, sugar addicted depressed soul then you need not run pillar to post as IWB decided to come to your doorstep to help you. Do we need to tell you that we bring you the most effective online weight loss program that can help you lose oodles of weight in a short period of time.

How to select a suitable weight loss program?

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Let us see what do you have in mind when you look for a suitable weight loss program.

  • Will I be able to eat home made food at my own time while losing weight?
  • What if I don’t like the suggested meal timings and particular plan hard to stick to?
  • Will I be able to carry on with the plan more or less for the rest of my life?
  • Will the plan fit my budget and be accessible in small towns’ grocery stores?
  • Will the plan be a generalised one or keep my allergies in view?
  • Will there be any hidden cost of the program I choose in the form of shakes, powders etc?

 Here is the single answer to all these questions in your mind……

IWB Weight Loss Program

Why !! 

We answer that for you…

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Why IWB Weight Loss Program?


  • IWB Weight Loss Program follows your personal meal timings, and for that we ask for your daily meal timings so that we can plan your meals as per your individual requirements We don’t sell standardized plans.
  • We provide you meal plans based on your lifestyle and the region you belong to determining that the plan’s meals work for you.
  • IWB Weight Loss Program is based on home cooked easy meals which can be cooked for the whole family so that you don’t struggle with the plan.
  • Our plans are simple and meals based on seasonal vegetables, easy to buy from any local market…. no, we don’t believe in fancy food fads.
  • Each plan is made keeping in mind individual needs and  food allergies or sensitivity.
  • We at IWB don’t believe in Low calorie diets so the meals are enough calorie rich to keep you full and energetic the whole day.
  • IWB Weight Loss team is a group of like-minded supportive people who interact with you on a daily basis to make your fat-loss journey easier and consider themselves accountable to you. That is why we do not hesitate to change the plan even in the middle of the week if we feel there is a need.
  • We believe that weight loss is a joint result of eating and moving well, so we incorporate exercise and lifestyle strategies as part of the  weight loss plan. Our exercise advice is such that you will love to incorporate in your daily routine.
  • Our  plan emphasizes the importance of sleep, stress control, and coach you to a better lifestyle on a better Wholistic way of living.
  • IWB Weight Loss program is a long term plan that provides you the tools and strategies you need to stay healthy throughout your life.

Our achievements to boast of….

  • IWB Weight Loss Program is honoured to announce that we have an experience of more than 200 personalised weight loss plans and are still counting.
  • We can surely boast of each of these 200 plus plan making people lose minimum 2 – 5 kilos of weight.
  • IWB team has been brave enough to help people with serious ailments like cancer, asthma, thyroid and PCOD and make them lose weight.
  • We boast of an interactive weight loss program that the clients donot hesitate to send us the menus of the restaurants they plan to go for outings, so that they can have fun in parties yet stay on track. At IWB Weight loss program, we won’t let you surrender your social life at all.
  • We track your meals daily, to help you stay motivated. The aim is to coach you through the program towards a healthy life style adopted for life and for that we provide you feedback at the end of the day.

We thank all the people who trusted us and gave us an opportunity to help them in their weight loss journey. Each one of them has a special place and since the day we started, we have managed to help our clients by doing all what it takes to attain a healthy lifestyle along with toned bodies.

 It’s time to celebrate with Flat 10 % Off !!!

New year is almost there and we at IWB decided to give all a reason to cheer about and that is FLAT 10 % OFFll

Christmas is just a few days away and this is a Santa’s gift to all those who are in need. We are offering 10% discount on IWB weightloss program for monthly and quarterly plans. Here is what is it going to be as a package…

 10% Discount on all our services

that include:

  • Weight Gain Program
  • Lifestyle Management Program
  • Program for specific needs like Pre and Post pregnancy weight gain, Obesity among children and young adults etc.
  • PCOS, Thyroid, Diabetes And Cholesterol Management

The hot-seller IWB Weight Loss Program would now cost as below –

  • Monthly Plan – Rs 3600 , after a discount of 10% on Rs 4000

  • Quarterly Plan – Rs 9000, after a discount of 10% on Rs 10,000

Discounts are valid only till 31 st Dec, 2014.

So hurry! What are you waiting for! limited seats only.

For any queries or more information about IWB Weight Loss Program, please email us –  [email protected]

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