Why You Should Add Neem Leaves In Your Daily Routine?


Why You Should Add Neem Leaves In Your Daily Routine?

Neem is a versatile natural product and has many medicinal benefits that have been recognized since ancient times for ages to come. It is rightly often also called as the wonder leaf mainly because of the medical significance it has. Moreover the herbal neem leaf also has significance during the festive celebration of Gudi Padwa and is eaten with jaggery. It is termed that life is a true bittersweet mixture of both the ingredients is a representation of recognizing sorrow and happiness in our lives.

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Wiseshe brings to you the splendid benefits of adding Neem leaves in your daily routine

Frees your skin from acne

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Neem leaves when regularly used work as a toner for skin and effectively helps in clearing the pockmark of acne or pigmentation, and blackheads. You should add around twenty- five leaves of neem in 750ml water and boil it on low flame till the leaves lose it color. Let the water cool. Now filter and store the liquid in a clean bottle. Wipe your face clean once a day with cotton dipped in the liquid.

Reduces the blemishes on your skin


Grind the neem leaves, and tulsi leaves in a mixer. Add sandalwood powder and rose water to the prepared paste and put the prepared mix on your face. Allow the paste to dry and then rinse it off with ice- cold water.

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Neem possesses moisturizing properties. So you can use it well to humidify your skin. Prepare a mixture of neem powder with water. Add one table spoon of grape seed oil to it. Your moisturizing cream is ready.

Stay forever young

Acts as a moisturizer for dry skin

neem as moisturiser

Neem is significantly known to delay the ageing of skin because of its regeneration properties that helps to get rid of the hidden pathogens existing below the surface of the skin. Regularly use neem after shower. Apply neem face pack or oil to diminish the effects that are caused by the mounting age.

Say bye to dark circles

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The medicinal properties of neem are significantly known to decrease pigmentation. Prepare a thick paste of neem leaves with water and apply it around the pigmented area around the eyes. Let the paste dry. Wash your face clean after fifteen minutes.

Get relief from dandruff

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It is logically proven by skin and beauty experts that neem has exceptionally good medicinal properties. Boil the neem leaves in water till it loses it colour and the water turns green. Strain the water and use the water after washing hair with shampoo it  strengthens your hair roots.

To clear your scalp from dandruff, you can apply the paste of neem powder and water on the scalp. Let the paste stay on scalp for 20- 25 minutes and then rinse it off. Further shampoo and condition your hair.

Breathe easy!

As per various experts and traditional science the oil made using the neem leaves is significantly beneficial for people suffering from breathing trouble linked to asthma. Set off by drinking half teaspoon of neem oil on a regular basis and gradually increase the doze.

Get treated from ulcers in stomach and intestines.

The extract of neem bark is known to cure ulcers in the stomach and intestines. Consume it twice in a day regularly for close to 2 months. This consumption of neem bark will eventually provide you relief from painful stomach ulcers.

Keeps the sugar in control for Diabetic patients

Certain chemicals exist in this herbal leaf that assist in dropping the level of sugar in the blood and does the act of insulin once it enters the body.

Acts as a disinfectant for teeth

how to use oll pulling for teeth whitening

It is known since ages that previously toothpastes were introduced in the form of neem twigs as the neem leaf possesses antibacterial and anti fungal properties that lend a hand in curative mouth and tooth related conditions.

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