Why You Should Never Buy From Faballey.com



I am a big time shopaholic and I don’t think there is any online shopping site which I am not aware of . Have shopped from them all and I am sure if you are a regular reader of Wise She you are already aware of it.

Recently I shopped from Faballey. I always wanted to shop from there as I  found their clothes interesting .So I fell into the trap and shopped clothes and accessories from them. I shopped crop tops, one maxi skirt and one neck piece from them and here is the snap shot of my total.



faballey experience



Why You Should Never Buy From Faballey.com.

My frustration began when I received the courier which had all the things asked  but I didn’t like the maxi skirt and next day I asked them for the return.


faballey review



I mailed them the very next day asking them to take back the products.As the company is located in the same city where I live I thought they will pick it the very same day or may be the next day.

They answered nicely that they will but to my surprise no one came for two weeks. I again mailed them and they assured me that they will collect the dress with in 1 or 2 days and  I am yet to hear from them( its been almost a week again).No one has even called me forget about picking the product.



faballey experience final


With this I asked the customer care if she can refund the money and she assured me that she is going to speak to the manager and get back to me.Well that never happened.I seriously don’t want their refund in the form of coupon code.With their pathetic service I am least interested in shopping from them.

Anyway, another thing happened.The neck piece which I purchased from them when I took it out (for the first time)it broke down itself  and fell off .I mailed them telling them that its all broken and if they could replace it but as expected they just said its more than 10 days they wont change or refund.

This shows the kind of quality of the product they keep.From their mail it seems that they keep bad quality accessories and are always ready with a return answer.


faballey reviews clothes and accesories


They promised me that return will take place in 1 or 2 days and its the sixth day today and I am still waiting for them to pick up the stuff.You must be knowing that whenever there is a return one needs to keep themselves available or free at that point of time. So if one is suppose to get their product returned from faballey then you will have to keep yourself free for …. ? I don’t know how many days, as there is no right communication from their end.


bad fab alley services


In the end my conclusion to the Faballey experience is :-

1) Bad return policy.It will take you months in dealing with one order.No coordination between the customer care and the return pick up.

2) No cash return .I am not interested in buying with you any more why don’t you just refund back the money instead of giving me coupon again which by the way is yet to happen.

3) Low quality accessories .

Faballey just spoiled my birthday outfit but why do they care.They are busy advertising themselves on facebook they don’t know that happy customers is the only way to get more buyers






  1. Oh! Glad I never picked anything from them, I hate when this happens. I have also had some pretty bad experiences with the services and products from such online sites. And literally never mailed them cz I knew such return policies don’t really exist in real. Now, except for my cosmetics and personal care products, I don’t really buy other stuff online. They show you edited pics and give you something really cheap.

  2. too bad. never shopped from them and now will nvr ever.
    Purplle.com also has a pathetic inventory update on their website but still I end up shopping with them most of the time as they are better stocked than Nykaa which is always OOS

  3. I may be knew about their bad return policy but broken items :O. Sad! moreover, as far as I know Jabong has the best return policy no matter what!

  4. I’m in the same situation as you. I had requested for return pick up of a maxi as I needed a bigger size. They have been assuring me that it’ll be picked up but nothing yet. It has been a week already. And their customer care number is always busy!

  5. that is a horrible situation..never shopped from them and will definitely keep this in mind…Thanks for sharing your experience.. :-))

  6. Thank God Anamika…..I was about to buy a skirt from faballey…but some how I didnt bought it last night….thanks for posting this and informing about there service….Now i wont be buying from there….

  7. Hi ana,
    Sad to hear about your experience. I ordered a top from them n it took 2 weeks to reach me. But it fitted me well so no exchange was required thankfully. But now I would seriously think twice before ordering from them coz if i don’t like it, I’ll be trapped.

  8. Really the post is saviour for us. Till now I am disappointed with purplle.com customer service no one is available to answer ur call or mails..its really frustrating.

  9. Seriously???? can’t believe that such a pathetic site is there when there are execllent ones like Jabong/Myntra/Flipkart etc expecting to do business?

  10. Had ordered the same necklace from fab alley as part of the monthly jewel box, last September and it has broken down a couple of times since then. Also the ( plastic) rhinestones keep falling off! Hence i have been able to wear this only once!

  11. Its so sad to see people stil ignoring customer service, when its d only differentiator today.. U must feel so frustrated at dis situation.. Thanks for spreading d word n warning us..

  12. @Shilpa – i am glad u never shopped from them before

    @Rsji – my pleasure

    @Nisha – my bad..i fell into the trap

    @Nidhi- yup! hearing bad things about purplle and thats the reason we have stopped promoting them

    @Pragnya – r u talking about Purplle ?

    @Manasi – u did yurself a favour dear by not buying from them dear

    @Ritika – now u know dear

    • Thank god! i’ve never shopped from faballey, but is purplle also bad? i ws thinking of placing an order on purplle tomorrow. btw, no shopping site provides returns in cash i believe. You can only get cash credits to your account.

  13. Oh my god.. Bad customer service is the worst thing that can happen… I wanted to purchase from their site too but now I don’t even want to think about it.. 🙁
    I wish they read this and make the service quick for you… :@

  14. These types of responses really really sucks..how could a company be so unprofessional, casual and not concerned at all when it comes to dealing with customer complaints. REALLY PATHETIC. Such portals should really be blacklisted…at least Wise She’rs are not at all going to buy anything from this E-commerce site !!!

  15. thats so pathetic ana 🙁 i can imagine your frustration and glad you shared this with us dear 🙁 🙁
    not one but they have lost so many customers with this

  16. Thanks a lot anamika fir making us aware. 1 suggestion if they have a face book page then mention ur experience there as well just so the others r also made aware. 1 more question is there any other website apart from purplle and nykaa that sell cosmetics and is trustworthy?

  17. Hi Anamika
    We’re so sorry to hear about this situation with you faced with the return of your product. We express our sincere apologies for the same. As for the broken necklace, we dispatch every product after vigorous QC checks but it still might happen sometimes due to mishandling on the part of courier guys and we’re always more than happy to replace it. And generally our replacement/return process takes about 8-10 business days but somehow it has taken much longer in your case, for which we deeply apologize. Please allow us a couple of more days to sort your issue out completely.

  18. Great that you shared this, They don’t know they are messing with a blogger and it will affect their sales big time. huh.

    Same thing happened with me with Healthkart.com
    it has been almost 1 year and They still haven’t picked up the order which I had wanted to return (1500 rs wasted) If companies will not refund or pickup, then they should simply not a return policy to lure more customers.

  19. OMG Thank god i’ve come out of the online shopping craze and now find much peace in picking stuff over the counters. That’s so disgusting of them, they shouldn’t promise any return/refund policies in the first place >.<

  20. Its a very informative post. These companies are only busy with advertising. They do not care for customer satisfaction. I hardly order but if I do I trust Flipkart and it has never failed me. Also most of these companies do not deliver to my pin. And I always opt for COD. You can never be too careful with them.

    And Anamika thnkz for you lovely comment on my blog- Glows and Blushes….. Hope to keep in touch…..

  21. Thanks for sharing Ana..I agree happy customers means more buyers..A lot of Indian online stores have this problem..They have the money once and they don’t care about the customers!! Sick behaviour!! I and a lot of us are surely warned 🙂 <3 <3

  22. I have noticed that websites tend to be very responsive and stick to the moto tht their customer should be happy. But as time goes and they find their spot in ther niche, they start becoming irresponsible.
    My experience with them was good. Thanks god nothing fell off!! Thanks for sharing Anamika! will refrain from buying them.


  23. This is the reason I never ever buy clothes and accessories from online portals. I try to avoid buying cosmetics too because I am worried half the time about expiry date. Though I have good experience with Jabong and Flipkart. I just buy books from online. 😀

  24. Dear Anamika ,
    after reading about the harassment that you faced from faballey.com , I was really shocked and wanted to share with u a possible solution . One thing you can do in this situation- there must be Consumer Disputes Reddressal Forum in your area. File a compliant there and keep all the receipts and mails received from them intact , this will help you in proving their fault. Even a application in the Consumer Forum is treated as a complaint, so u even don’t need the help of a lawyer. File a complaint and ask for compensation in return of the harassment that u faced. Once they receive the notice from the Consumer forum, they will learn their lesson.

  25. I am little on the reply but I want to share my experience as well. I placed my first order with Fab Alley in 2012 when they were relatively new. I ordered a white button-up shirt with gold studded collar, a black peplum top along with some necklace. The quality of all four items for extremely low. Plus the gold items look very plasticy and flasy. I returned the order and it took a couple of emails to get the refund. 6-7 months back I again stumbled upon their site while searching for a military green jacket and found a sleeves parka kinda jacket. Thinking their quality must have improved over time I placed my an order for the jacket along with some jewellery. Needless to say I was disappointed again. The gold jewellery still looked cheap n flashy. And the material of the jacket was cheap as well. This time refund took almost 2 months and 5-6 followup emails. Faballey has been featured in Cosmopolitan. Top fashion bloggers have featured their products as well. Still I would suggest you skip this online store. It is simply not worth it.

  26. I am having a horrible experience with these faballey people as well. I am yet to get my order – it has been over 6 weeks now. And they just don’t care. They have my money and now I can’t do anything.

  27. Hey, thanks for sharing! I’ve also been in trap. Ordered a birthday gift for my girl 7 days before her birthday and she actually received it 3 days post her birthday.

    How could a retailer even take 10 days to deliver a dress?

    Absolutely Ridiculous..!

  28. I have purchase 4 dresses from faballey shopping site and received the delivery yesterday i.e. 15th Dec,2015. The dresses which i received is not as per my expected fitting and clothing. The quality is very bad.

    Therefore, I made a request for RETURN and REFUND of GOODS. But in return as good service I received a BIG NO from the concern, which made me UPSET as this is not the correct way of dealing with customer. If i have bought something seeing in picture and it is not as per my expected level so I have got full RIGHTS to return it back and get my REFUNDS but the concerns have not understood my problem and made me UPSET by stating a BLUNT NO.

    Moreover on one tab you are mentioning that if unsatisfied we will issue a full refund and on the other side you are completely disagreeing and giving me a voucher which is a complete loss to me. This practice is completely wrong and making fool of consumers.

    If this is the situation then I need to take action and will also never advise / refer or recommend anyone to SHOP from the this Shopping Portal as after sales service is SO POOR.

    They are just cheating the CUSTOMERS

  29. I ordered 2 dresses from the same site. Quality is poor and also wrong product delivered. After communicating with customer care, i got to know that they wont return/exchange/refund/store credits for discounted items!! seriously ! what the ….!!

  30. never buy anything from this website .they give you cheap quality products and then dont return/exchange also they have hidden policies to sell their cheap material .useless customer care service never ever will buy anything from this website .such a pathetic experience.

  31. Faballey is the worst shopping site..Products are of poor quality..problematic return process you have send them 100 emails then you would call them on their customer care no. But they would not help you anyway..neither would return your money..have shopped from many online sites like jabong koov stockbylove cilory..they are all so good..but faballey is disgusting..plz dont go for shopping on Faballey ever they are cheats

  32. The worst shopping site ever. And a horrible shopping experience with Faballey. I bought a a kurti and a western dress, I received the products but i had fit issues also didn’t like it much so i decided to return it as faballey was giving 15 days return facility.

    The return was initiated on the same day when I received the product also with 2-3 days it was picked up by their person.

    But refund was not made by them i waited for 1 week but there was no refund. I checked with them on mail so they replied that refund was already made on 20 DEC 2017. This was too bad that they made this big mistake as i din’t receive and money and also the statement from them was wrong as i ordered the product on 24 DEC. So how is it possible that they made refund on 20 Dec. When I reverted on the same mail and mentioned the date of order so they replied with a sorry but still no refund.

    They assured me they will do the refund in 2-3 working days, i waited for next 5 days but still no refund and they closed my ticket of query mentioning the issue has been solve. I again mailed them with full aggression as i am totally irritated by them. They now again checked and saying refund will be done in next 3-4 days.

    they are worst, i would never suggest any one to buy anything from them . My money almost 3000 is stuck and i am hopeless they will return it.

    So please don’t buy anything this is a fraud site.


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